• Michigan Lifts Mask Requirement For Fully Vaccinated Residents | Patch

    In Michigan, if you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask. How does a restaurant or store know whether or not a person is fully vaccinated? Most likely people will just stop wearing masks and those who opt to wear them will become stigmatized.

    And we are not yet at 50% of people fully vaccinated. We may be ok for the summer, but when the cold weather hits and people start congregating in poorly ventilated indoor locations, there will be outbreaks, and then, what will happen?

    Keep in mind, mask wearing is never really been about personal protection against infection, it’s been about preventing spread by people who do not yet know they are infected from spreading it.

  • The story about the invention of Post-It Notes is a legend, so I want to acknowledge the passing of Spencer Silver, inventor of the adhesive used for Post-It Notes.

  • I think that in the article The Memex Method Cory Doctorow provides an explanation that I could use for why I blog. While when I write something here in a manner that is legible to anyone, I know that my real “audience” is myself. The most useful feature is the On This Day link above that collects and displays prior years entries on this site, which I look at each day to recollect what was meaningful to me in past years.

    My writing since 1999 has accessible on the web, although not all in one spot, which may be a mistake on my part.

  • CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Stop Wearing Masks Indoors : NPR So fully vaccinated people are not carriers of the virus and thus cannot spread it to others? I yet to see any clarification on this matter.

  • Roam is not an outliner, even though it has outlining features in it’s editor. Roam is a Personal Knowledge Management tool built around linking, either pages or blocks, (paragraphs if you will) to each other. In this way Roam is more like wiki than an outliner.

    Said differently, Roam is to an outliner as the Windows File Explorer is to an outliner.

  • The little boy in me wants the Starsky and Hutch car! Child of the 70s!!

  • I was curious, so I created this simple one page blog using Little Outliner.

  • A Wiki User's Expectation Of Double Square Brackets

    I am following Dave’s writing about the integration of Little Outliner with apps like Obsidian and Logseq. I think it’s important to note that neither Obsidian nor Logseq are outliners, they are markdown editors with outlining and wiki features. I would characterize Little Oultiner as an outline editor that could have other features like wiki and markdown.

    How Obsidian handles text between doulbe brackets is an example of a feature it incorporates from wikis. There is an existing standard for using double brackets, it is an internal wiki link and the expected action is that it automatically links to a page that exists within the app hosting and editing the content. Usually what is between the double square brackets is the name of the page. If the page already exists, clicking the link loads that page in the app. If the page does not already exist, clicking the link creates a new page with that title in which one can then edit.

    The key is that an internal link is generated and managed by the editing app not the user, where as an external link is provided and managed by the user of the app. As an example, I edit my now page in Little Outliner that I think is currently served by an instance of PagePark. (Click here to see the outline in Little Outliner) On that page the fourth note has a link to tech.frankm.info that is another outline I edit in Little Outliner. I created the link between the two using the linking tool in Little Outliner, but what if I had put double brackets around the words Technology That I Use in that sentence?

    Based on my experience with wiki, Obsidian, and Roam, I expect that when a double bracket is put around those words Little Outliner creates a link to an outline (a page if you will in Little Outliner) with the name “Technology That I Use.” If I click that link in Little Outliner it opens the page in Little Outliner (could be a tab) and displays the contents of the page, or a blank page if it is new.

    To complete the thought, from a publishing perspective, PagePark could follow the internal link to the OPML file and render it as it does today, with the net result of more easily writing and publishing a multi-page site edited by Little Outliner and served by PagePark.

    Long time users of Little Outliner may recall the glossary function that automatically substitutes text between double quotes to corresponding text in a separate file. One way you can think of it is like a text expander where you can put a commonly used abbreviation in quotes and when the outline is rendered the associated text in the glossary file is subsituted.

    For example, if you look at the second bullet under Notes in my status outline you see that “my blog” and “my Twitter feed” are in quotes and on the published page you see them as hyperlinks because I have the HTML for the hyperlinks in my glossary file, which is specified by the urGlossary value in the OPML head of the file. When I was publishing my blog using Fargo.io, (and prior iterations of Dave’s blogging platforms) the glossary was one of my favorite time saving features.

  • You will notice at the top of this page there is a link to a new Reading page, where you can see what I am currently reading along with links to books I have finished reading and want to read.

    Currently reading: No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, and the Future by Joerg Rieger 📚

  • I agree with The Verge, that the Shortcuts app needs to provide a way to silence notifications. And, it needs to fix the Close App action for Personal Automations, which currently only works when you switch between apps but doesn’t work when you return to the home screen.

  • Just received a frost advisory notification on my phone. Too cold for May!

  • Further troubleshooting of my Personal Automations finds that if I switch from the opened app to another app then the close app event triggers in the automation, but if I just close it to go to the Home Screen, it does not. I wonder what that means?

  • I have a few Personal Automations on my iPad that should trigger when I open and close an app. Up until a recent update to iPadOS, or to Shortcuts, both triggers worked but now the close app trigger does not work. I read that when first released Personal Automations only triggered upon open but there was no option for closed and it looks like some code was reverted in a recent release.

  • Currently reading: OMG WTF Does the Constitution Actually Say? by Ben Sheehan 📚

  • “Lovers are the ones who know most about God,” von Balthasar writes; “the theologian must listen to them.” Such listening best happens, I’ve concluded, in art.

    If Christianity gradually came to make a dent on the institutions of political life, transforming the very dynamics of rule, it was because “Christ has conquered the rulers from below, by drawing their subjects out from under their authority.”

    I’m a philosopher. We can’t think our way out of this mess, Christian Century

  • A Personal Digital Habitat is a federated multi-device information environment within which a person routinely dwells. It is associated with a personal identity and encompasses all the digital artifacts (information, data, applications, etc.) that the person owns or routinely accesses. A PDH overlays all of a person’s devices1 and they will generally think about their digital artifacts in terms of common abstractions supported by the PDH rather than device- or silo-specific abstractions. But presentation and interaction techniques may vary to accommodate the physical characteristics of individual devices.

  • The Wilmington coup stands as the only successful and lasting armed overthrow of a legitimate municipal government in American history on U.S soil. It was a horrific turning point for the country, marking the beginning of Jim Crow and poisoning race relations to the present day. Not only was it a stain upon North Carolina, but on the federal government, too, which knowingly abandoned Black people to death and destruction.

    America Hasn’t Reckoned with the Coup That Blasted the Black Middle Class, nakedcapitalism.com

  • I tried Tile tags and stopped using them, because I found I don’t lose things, so I am wondering whether the people caught up in the Air Tags hysteria really need them, or just craving a new Apple thing? What I most wanted the Tile to do is not let me forget my pills. I put a tag on a pill box, but found that the notification that my phone and the tag were apart came way too late.

  • I’ve recently discovered Moleskine Journey, which is a personal information manager designed for creative minds, independent workers, audacious backpackers, and free spirits, Moleskine Journey uniquely combines the best features from productivity applications, like calendars, reminders, and notes, with tools for personal development, such as diaries and habit tracking.

    I’ve used Moleskine Timepage, which I like because has a different take on how calendar apps look and work. Journey’s focus on more personal aspects of daily tracking rather than calendar and tasks is appealing. Better yet, the app is also available on Android and the Web.

  • For me the most frustrating and disappointing thing about reactions to COVID is that so many people only think about it in terms of personal health and not public health. I may be at lower risk of severe symptoms but I can carry the disease to someone who is at high risk. The possibility that I could do something that results in the death of another obligates me to take the situation seriously.

    Another problem that people don’t seem to grasp is that longer the virus out of control the more mutations that will occur, which has consequences to all of us. It is likely the recent surge in Michigan is due to a mutation.

  • As of today my wife and I are fully vaccinated! The question now is, what does this mean for us?

  • COVID-19 will be with us for years and years, continuing to be deadly, because people refuse to take the vaccines or just don’t think the issue is serious.

  • In an article discussing an breakout of a COVID-19 variant at a Kentucky nursing home of residents nearly all vaccinated, Zeynep writes:

    Facts need the right context so that they can turn into information that’s more useful to us.

    Zeynep points out that the facts of the study in the context that a breakout in a nursing home is a worst case scenario, shows good news about the efficacy of the vaccines.

  • Forgive my moment of patting myself on the back. Last night I found that the fill valve in the toilet on the main floor of our house needed to be replaced. I am not experienced with home repairs and in the past managed to mangle toilet repair enough to call in a professional to fix the job. So, in normal circumstances I would have just scheduled a plumber to repair, but I decided to search for information, found videos on YouTube that showed me what to do, and today I bought the parts and made the replacement as easily as was shown in the video.

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