• I’ve been groking Federated Wiki and building my site, but I am starting to wonder whether it is still actively in development.

  • A Simple Proposal for Killing Comments with Annotated Links - Hapgood

    I am surprised that Dave never added a “commenting feature” to his blogs where the way for one to add a comment to a site was to place a titled link to their own blog post at the bottom of the page.

  • Achievement unlocked:

    Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree

  • Paper Thoughts and the Remix Hypothesis, Mike Caulfield,

    “We’re computer users thinking paper thoughts” – Bret Victor

    Source: Paper Thoughts and the Remix Hypothesis - Hapgood

  • Google has released the first update to Chrome OS since I’ve owned the Pixelbook and so far it has not appeared. I’m a bit surprised, I would expect Chrome OS updates to hit Pixelbooks first.

  • For a company that is data driven, I am surprised by how little information Google’s Digital Wellbeing app provides. For example, it doesn’t tell me my average screen on time nor does it tell me whether my use is trending up or down. Trends are key to making decisions and Digital Wellbeing provides none, therefore I don’t understand what decisions I should conclude from the data it does provide.

  • Finch in the tree.

  • The sun is shining and the birds are at full throat.

  • My contribution to decorating the tree is the smart switch that controls the lights.

  • I’ve successfully moved my Philips Hue lights from the original version of the Hue bridge to the latest (version 2) version. If you read the page on which I narrated my work, you should reach a conclusion about the state of the Internet of Things.

  • It seems that one thing common among micro-bloggers is that they have a Now page on their site for the purpose of sharing what one is currently working on.

    I followed that trend but have not been in the practice of updating it as there is simply too much friction to do so. Instead, I find having a Now page in my Federated Wiki to be much more useful and dynamic. If you want to edit a page frequently, you need the easiest way to do so.

  • On the docket for this weekend is migrating my Philips Hue lights from the original version of the Hue bridge to the latest (v2) version of the Hue bridge.

  • I am having a lot of fun in my online garden.

  • I’ve long supported the idea of reverse chronology in blogs because I always want the current stuff at the top of the page. However, I am finding that when reading through a blog site archive I prefer to see the archived content listed in chronological order because it provides context.

  • Progress Requires Wrong AND Right

    Progress cannot happen amongst people who are unwilling to accept they could be wrong. The scientific method is based on the truth that ideas, hypothesis, can be wrong and hence requires proof of hypothesis that is peer reviewed and consensed as being right or most likely right. Proofs are not only facts but also consensed arguments of what is most likely right. Built in to science is acceptance that what may be considered a proven correct hypothesis today could be proven incorrect hypothesis tomorrow and that is considered to be progress.

  • I think that unregulated capitalism is really survival of the fittest applied to wealth. Left unchecked, as it mostly is today, pure capitalism leads to monopolies that destroy any real free market.

    I am encouraged by Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act even if I am skeptical it will result in real legislation. This topic needs to be addressed because of this:

    But in the 1980s a new idea quickly took hold: American corporations should focus only on maximizing returns to their shareholders. That had a seismic impact on the American economy. In the early 1980s, America’s biggest companies dedicated less than half of their profits to shareholders and reinvested the rest in the company. But over the last decade, big American companies have dedicated 93% of earnings to shareholders - redirecting trillions of dollars that could have gone to workers or long-term investments. The result is that booming corporate profits and rising worker productivity have not led to rising wages.

  • The problem is, I have two quarterbacks (Cousins & Wentz) of two mediocre teams. That one of those teams is the defending Super Bowl champs and the other went to the NFC championship last year is the shocker.

  • Fr. Richard Rohr:

    “The churches are not doing their job,” he said. “That we can create such a high amount of angry, dualistic people, who see everything in terms of winning and losing [means] Christianity has not handed on its heritage. When you don’t have a real God, your nation and your politics, of course, become your god.”

    Source: Rohr: Church needs an ‘awakening of the soul’ - National Catholic Reporter

  • Hapgood - Mike Caulfield’s latest web incarnation. Networked Learning, Open Education, and Digital Polarization

    If you want to learn more about discerning real or fake information or how such discernment can become habit, read Mike Caulfield’s writing of his studies on the topic.

  • Dear world. I am tired of completing online surveys. Repeat after me. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

  • It’s not the Baseball Writers Association that elected Lee Smith to the Hall of Fame nor was it the baseball writers who elected Jack Morris to the Hall of Fame. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Smith, Baines elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

    Smith, 61, retired after the 1997 season with more saves than any player before him. His saves still rank third all-time behind Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman. A seven-time All-Star and three-time Rolaids Relief Man Award winner, Smith led his league in saves four times, including a career-best 47 in 1991, and had 30-plus saves in 10 of his 18 seasons with the Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Orioles, Angels, Reds and Expos.

    Lee Smith more or less ascended to the closer role after Bruce Sutter went to the Cardinals, and was the Cubs closer through my high school years. He was a classic power pitcher who occasionally would grove a fastball for a home run. Sutter is in the Hall of Fame and I think it’s right that Smith joins him.

  • Don’t let the sunshine fool you. Baby it’s cold outside.


    Christ is the communion of divine personal love expressed in every created form of reality—every star, leaf, bird, fish, tree, rabbit and every human person. Everything is christified because everything expresses divine love incarnate. However, Jesus Christ is the “thisness” of God (‘God is like this and this is God’) so what Jesus is by nature everything else is by grace (divine love). We are not God but every single person is born out of the love of God, expresses this love in his/her unique personal form and has the capacity to be united with God. It is for this reason that the Franciscan theologian Bonaventure described the mystery of Jesus Christ as a coincidence of opposites. Because Jesus _is _the Christ, every human is already reconciled with every other human in the mystery of divine so that Christ is more than Jesus alone; Christ is the whole reality bound in a union of love.


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