• The new iPad Mini supports the original Apple Pencil, which I have and use with my current iPad Pro 10.5. The question is, can I have the original Apple Pencil paired to multiple iPads?

  • I have completed my bracket for this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. I have Michigan State and Michigan meeting in the final four, with State winning again, but the Spartans lose to North Carolina in the final.

  • The bottle if KBS I am having tonight is better than the draft I had last night. I think the colder temperature is the difference.

  • Frank’s Web Notes: March 2014

    I am feeling a bit nostalgic looking at posts I wrote on my blog five years ago when I was using Fargo. I miss Fargo, it was the perfecting writing and blogging tool.

  • SPC Devotion 2014-03-29

    Five years ago I wrote this devotion outline for a meeting of my church planning council. To read the devotion, expand the outline from the top down.

  • We went. I drank. The 2019 KBS is good but a bit too boozy.

  • Four bottles of KBS 2019 obtained thanks to notification from the Untappd app. Still hope to get a first taste via draft later tonight.

  • Only 14 days until the baseball season starts again. Go Cubs go!

  • On the web is not the web we wanted meme. The web is ultimately democratic and it shows why the Founders of the United States viewed democracy as one of the worse polities.

    Hate to say it, but the web we wanted might have been America Online.

  • Here are the snow fall totals at Michigan Tech since 1890. I attended Tech from the fall of 1984 to the spring of 1989 and you see that during that time two monthly records were set, in November 1985 and February 1989. My last year at Tech had the most snow with 333 total inches.

  • Michigan Woman Sets Up a Bird Feeder Photo Booth to Capture Spontaneous Shots of Her Feathered Friends

    Ostdrossel, a native German who lives in Michigan, set up a tiny bird feeder photo booth in her backyard as a way to capture wonderful, spontaneous photos of the feathered visitors that came by for a little snack.

  • Micro.blog has a new archive/export format, which might mean the Github copy of a site will no longer be available. Might need to figure out how to automate this to get regular backups.

  • How are the Self-Proclaimed Economic Savior’s Policies Doing?

    The Commerce Department said this week that despite two years of America First-ism, the U.S. merchandise trade deficit is getting worse rather than better.After all the fuss about the tax cuts, it turns out that corporations benefited, not workers. And while joblessness is at an all-time low, the economy turns out to be churning out many more jobs at the bottom end of the skills market than middle-class jobs. Wages still lag, city centers are still rotting, infrastructure projects are still crumbling, public housing is still in trouble. Oh and then there is this massive debt resulting from unpaid for tax cuts. At the border, the Trump protectionist approach appears to be not working, as the monthly immigration numbers attest.

    Unemployment numbers are misleading as an indicator of how the economy is doing for all of us.

  • Rep. Justin Amash:

    I never stop thinking about these sorts of things,” he told CNN. “It’s not because I have any immediate plans or anything like that, but I never stop thinking about those things because there is a big problem with the current two-party system we have, and someone has to shake it up.

    Actually, some will say that Trump’s election is a shake up of the two party system. He is certainly not a conservative Republican it is arguable whether he is a Republican at all.

    The problem with Congress is that it has become nothing more than an extension of the President’s “team.” Congress doesn’t exist as a separate entity and therefore does not fulfill is role as the second branch of government, and that is bad because Congress’ role is fundamental to the republican form of democracy created by the Constitution.

    Oh, and by the way, a vast amount of what is claimed to be judicial overreach is also created by Congress not doing their job.

  • Benjamin Franklin:

    To desire to keep down the rate of wages, with the view of favoring the exportation of merchandise, is to seek to render the citizens of a state miserable, in order that foreigners may purchase its productions at a cheaper rate; it is, at most, attempting to enrich a few merchants by impoverishing the body of the nation; it is taking the part of the stronger in that contest, already so unequal, between the man who can pay wages, and him who is under the necessity of receiving them; it is, in one word, to forget, that the object of every political society ought to be the happiness of the largest number.

    Oh how we have strayed so far from the wisdom of the founders. Ever wonder why “pursuit of happiness” was included amongst the unalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence?

  • It should not be surprising that given the amount of money in politics, that there is corruption.

  • Om Malik:

    The consequences of long-term damage from misinformation at network scale are becoming so real that, at this point, it should be viewed as a collective emergency for everyone, including media organizations, not-for-profits, and Internet platforms.

  • Axios rightly points a major flaw in healthcare in the United States, that insurance is tied to employment. Another major flaw is even calling it insurance.

    Insurance is really about probabilities and statistics, and insurance companies are essentially gambling on the premise that there is a lower probability of paying out money than taking in money.

    Car insurance is real, one might go a life time without ever having to file a claim yet must pay for it regardless if you own a car. (BTW, in most states one MUST buy at least liability insurance.)

    If car insurance were like health insurance one would be filing a claim every time they took their car in for an oil change or some other repair.

    With the frequency of payouts, the real question is, why would any private corporation want to even be in the health insurance business? The only way it can be profitable to a corporation is to take in more money by charging more than they pay out. Can you not seen the fundamental problem here?

  • For me, the ideal news reading format is river of news and supports the micropub API to share news items direct to blogs. Right now I have half the equation.

  • There is only one Blockbuster left on the planet. Oh my!

  • Last fall I was seriously considering buying the 1080P version of Lenovo’s Chromebook Yoga 630C and now I am so glad that I decided to not buy it given that Lenovo has already stopped making it.

  • And we are back to ten degree temperatures. Hopefully we will be getting warmer weather soon.

  • My number one tip for anyone planning to work from home is go invest in a good chair. You want something that is ergonomic and can withstand a lot of use, so you are best to go with real office furniture. We bought two Steelcase Leap chairs about six years ago and they look new and remain as comfortable as the first day they arrived. Recommended.

  • Today I replaced the chair mats that go with our office chairs in the basement. We have low, how traffic carpet in the basement but still need a flat surface for the wheels on the chairs. Because my wife and I both work from home, the chairs and mats are used at least five days a week for something on the order of 10 hours a day.

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