• I created a category called Books. It would be really cool if new entries from indiebookclub were automatically added to my Books category.

  • Finished reading: Dynamics of Faith by Paul Tillich 📚

  • Is there anything more frustrating in personal computing than Bluetooth? Bluetooth is the achilles heel of the tech world.

  • Breakfast guests

  • What is REST?

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a set of design principles for making network communication more scalable and flexible.

  • Previously I have been manually curating an Index of my Federated Wiki, but the other day I found a page that automatically creates an index and I forked it to my site. Click here to see the index.

  • So far I am not seeing the high CPU consumption on my Pixelbook as reported by Chrome Unboxed. I only see system:system consuming resources when I have the Chrome OS task manager option, when I run top under crosh and have the task manager closed I don’t see system_server consuming high CPU.

  • I posted a question on reddit asking whether anyone else had problems with the Low Density option for Linux apps on Chrome OS 72. I got a reply with a recommended fix that works for me.

  • OMG, how could I forget, pitchers and catchers reported today. Spring is coming!

  • I finally have Chrome OS 72 installed on my Pixelbook, but unfortunately the low density option is not working as expected.

  • I’ve just had my first Federated Wiki moment where someone picked up up/referenced something that I wrote and expanded upon it.

  • Waiting on Google to push Chrome OS 72 to my Pixelbook. Feeling annoyed.

  • 1,460!

  • The great affliction of our time is the value of information over wisdom and thinking that one is the other. We worship information over wisdom to our peril.

  • I really like the keyboard and touchpad on the Google Pixelbook.

  • I’ve figured out how to automatically add sites to the neighborhood of one of my wiki sites. You may find this beneficial to do this if you run public and private wikis and want to see all of the changes to all your wikis.

  • See Pew Research Center’s data of U.S. unauthorized immigrant populations estimates by state in 2016.

  • Jill Lepore, A New Americanism:

    At the close of the Cold War, some commentators concluded that the American experiment had ended in triumph, that the United States had become all the world. But the American experiment had not in fact ended. A nation founded on revolution and universal rights will forever struggle against chaos and the forces of particularism. A nation born in contradiction will forever fight over the meaning of its history.

  • A columnist for the LA Times claims America is falling out of love with billionaires. I am not sure that is true. First off, we need to recalibrate the definition of the American Dream. Right now, it seems that for many the American Dream is to get wealthy.

  • It can’t be good for the NFL that their commercial was better than the Super Bowl game. I imagine some in New Orleans would say it was karma. (BTW, how is it that neither Brett Favre nor Aaron Rodgers was in the commercial?)

  • By the way, Patriot fan, your team isn’t as good as you might think. I think had you played the Saints there might have been a different outcome. A ten point victory in this matchup does not necessarily reflect well.

  • I think we learned from the Super Bowl last night that experience really does matter. If the Rams were playing the Chiefs, they might have had a chance, but against the very experienced Patriots, it was no contest.

    The sad thing for Rams fans is that there are no guarantees that your team will get back to the Super Bowl next year or any time soon.

  • How better would this Super Bowl be if the Saints and Drew Brees was playing rather than the Rams? The NFL reaps what it sows. 🏈

  • Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  • Early in our relationship and when my wife first moved to Michigan from Colorado she observed that the difference between winter in Michigan and Colorado is that in Michigan winter starts and stays the same for three months, but in Colorado you got snow and a few days later it warmed up and melted away. Now it’s not so different.

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