• Spring is here, go Cubs go!

  • I think we are hopelessly, intentionally fractured, with factions obsessed with getting their way. Consequently, there is no agreement about what’s most important. Republicans are obsessed with keeping the guy with the R next to his name in the White House even if they don’t like him. In their mind any Democrat will do more damage than Trump and anyone raising concerns about Trump are just partisan.

    Democrats are NOT united on the priority to remove Trump, rather there appears to be a faction that seems to say, “if extreme is the new norm then we have to nominate the most extreme person to win.” It appears most Democrats have lost regard for moderates and independents. It’s as if they learned the wrong lessons from 2016.

    We really need a viable third party candidate; if only the current system wasn’t rigged against that happening. Neither party seems really invested in the Constitution, and if you don’t recognize Trump as a threat to the Constitution then you conclude he is no different than any other candidate.

  • Eye opening (or at least it should be!):

    We have an entire generation of Americans who have grown to adulthood since 9-11 and in those two decades they have never known a single moment when America was not at war. Three thousand Americans died on 9-11, and for that we have embarked on 20 years of revenge. 20 years. Tens, hundreds, of thousands dead as a result. We are trillions of dollars in debt.

    Oh, and the the whole article ought to be eye opening. One cannot claim themselves a patriot and not know of the documents and their purpose that founded the United States. Waving a flag doesn’t matter, nor does supporting the military, nor standing during the national anthem, nor does reciting the pledge of allegiance if you know nothing about the Republic for which it stands!

  • The common denominator of the right and left is anger, and the problem is, that is no way to lead. What we need in the United States is wise leadership.

  • Talk about free political advertising.

  • The Cancer Industry: Hype vs. Reality

    It’s all unsettling. I am a bit suspicious of the cancer medical industry, and I do think greed is a factor behind some decisions. Consequently it is very important to be your own advocate.

  • One thing we have learned from the Trump presidency is that there aren’t many true conservatives and they don’t have any real power, just ideology. If the Executive Branch blatantly ignores the constitution through contempt of the judicial branch, do conservatives think that rises to the level of impeachment and removal? If they are true to “conserving” the Constitution they ought to otherwise what do they stand for, really? Trump has already shown he thinks Congress has no authority over him.

  • The response to Barr’s refusal to uphold and the Constitution is the House voting on articles of impeachment and a Senate trial.

  • Time to check in on Houghton. Perhaps watch a little broom ball.

  • Public Service Announcement: Pitchers and catchers report today. Spring has begun!

  • I need to move my wiki to a new server in order to upgrade the wiki software it runs on to the latest version. The root cause for the need to migrate was my decision to build the server it runs on as a 32-bit virtual machine running Ubuntu, which I did because it that virtual machine only has 1 GB of RAM. The latest version of wiki requires Nodejs 10.x or later and I can only install Nodejs 8.x or older on the server because it is 32-bit. I am building a plan as the process to move the content might be complicated.

  • As a french horn player I am mildly offended that Yanni plays the horn on a keyboard on Santorini.

  • What makes a weblog a weblog?

    A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.

    You will find many details about the components that make up a weblog, but to me the keys are chronology, usually reverse meaning most recent at the top of the page, voice, generally meaning written by a person, and brevity. The last is not something many consider but I think that good weblog posts are no more than three paragraphs long and I think there is a difference between an essay or a story and a weblog post. A story always has a title, a weblog post may or may not not have a title, and in fact most posts do not have a title.

    What became confusing is when people and companies used weblog platforms as content management platforms to create and maintain web sites of an form and fashion and thus if a site were published by Wordpress it automatically was called a blog.

  • What a difference a day makes. Yesterday this was my view but now it is this…

  • We are staying over there…

  • Stain glass window at The Whitney

  • Can’t re-share a picture uploaded to micro.blog via the app. Went in to the web site and when I tap Copy HTML it never actually gets to three iOS clipboard.

  • Sun down, Detroit River

  • Just discovered that my Apple TV was on all night and left on it’s “home screen” showing me what to watch next and burned through 235 GB of data! That option has got to be killed in the era of Comcast Internet data caps! Unplugged the Apple TV for now.

  • A page out of the Soviet play book, originating within the United States but not seen as a clear and present danger.

  • James Carville is “scared to death” about whether Sanders and others can beat Trump - Vox

    James Carville: “Look, Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He’s never been a Democrat. He’s an ideologue. And I’ve been clear about this: If Bernie is the nominee, I’ll vote for him. No question. I’ll take an ideological fanatic over a career criminal any day. But he’s not a Democrat.”

  • PSA. Pitchers and catchers report in one week.

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