• I needed to buy a new smartphone this week that I did not want to spend much money on because I really just needed it to handle phone calls and text messages, so I bought this Nokia 6.

    It’s my first phone from the new Nokia and I have to say that I am really impressed. Solid construction with a very nice display. Best of all so far is the Battery life… it’s been running for more than 30 hours since I charged it and still has 40% left… although I don’t have many apps (particularly apps like Facebook) installed, so that may be a contributor.

    A bonus with this phone is that it is dual SIM, unlocked and it can also use a SD card, although if you do you cannot use the second SIM as it uses the same slot.

    While the phone ships with Android 7.1.1. installed it upgraded to Android 9 immediately upon set up. It is stock Android with only an FM Radio and My Phone apps added to the standard apps you find with Android.

    I don’t think this phone will upgrade to Android 10 and Google may not be pushing security updates for Androids 9, but I have found this to be a great phone for the price!

  • Earlier this week we learned that RCS chat was generally available to Android users, and at the time it did not look to me like it was working with AT&T.

    As it happened, I set up a new phone on AT&T this week and I was surprised to find that when I started Messages I saw a message saying Chat messaging was available. I then went in to Google Play and saw that the Carrier Services app was installed on the phone.

    I still didn’t see the feature available on my Pixel 2, however, so I thought, what if I searched for Carrier Services in Google Play and tried to install it? Turns out that I found it and was able to install it and after that the Chat services connected and was functional.

    I now have two phones with the feature enabled, which allows me to test it. You will know if you are using chat if you see “Chat message” displayed in the input box, otherwise you see “Text message”.

    I find the chat functions similar to Facebook Messenger. If you are chatting back and forth you see the … indicating a response is being typed. The messages and pictures appear near instantly.

    BTW, the two phones I have are on Android 10 and 9, so I know at least one generation older than the current will be able to use the service. I am looking forward to seeing whether/how soon my friends get the service.

  • The irony is that Trump supporters believe that Democrats are attempting to steal the Presidency just like Democrats are claiming Trump & Russia did in 2016.

    Facts & truth do. not. matter.

  • LinuxLinks.com currently has a series of blog posts about using the Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop. Added to my RSS subscriptions.

  • I found that the new Notes and Lists service is now available in the Google Assistant settings on my Pixel 2. The service not only supports Google Keep but also other apps including Any.do, which I just recently started using as my personal list manager.

    It’s odd that the service is intended for Notes and Lists, indicating it was probably original conceived for integration with Keep. With it configured to work with Any.do, it doesn’t appear as though I can create and store notes. I don’t doubt that I could create notes if I set it up with Keep.

  • Does not look like AT&T allows Google’s RCS chat feature. I have the version of Messages noted in this article but I don’t see the Carrier Services app.

  • So you think that person you are following on Instagram is a human? You might be wrong.

  • The Verge’s Gadgets Of The Decade

    The story of technology in the 2010s is the story of gadgets going from the corners of our lives to everywhere all the time.

    Of the top ten, I own #2, 3, and 10.

  • Dictatorship It Is

    Today electing a president is not about issues, nor is it about changing minds, nor is it about who looks better and sounds better of TV. The election is not about a personal popularity contest. Electing a president is now simply about opposition. In short, there is no middle ground just as the middle class has grown increasingly small.

    If you identify Republican you are likely going to only vote for Republicans because you think all Democrats are crazy and will destroy the country. Likewise, if you identify Democrat you will only vote Democrat. If you really don’t like your candidate you will not vote, or write in Mickey Mouse rather than cast a vote for the opposing party.

    The consequence is that the candidates only say what their “base” wants to hear, and it doesn’t even matter of what is said is true. Candidates don’t really try to change people’s minds. In this environment, do we really need debates? Worse, there is little for few remaing, truly “independent” voters to hear, and frankly doing a bunch of research is too much work for the average voter. Increasing numbers of these disenfranchised voters will simply sit out.

    Unfortunately, I think Democrats think the lesson learned from 2016 is to focus on their base and ignore the middle because they think there are more liberal/progressives voters than conservative, Republicans, or independents. An extreme shift left is viewed by their opposition as further evidence of crazy Democrats.

    The authors of the U.S. Constitution foresaw this type of fanaticism that democracy enables and thus created a structure to prevent it. Unfortunately, over time political idealogies have trumped preservation of the Republic concentrating more power within the Presidency. A party aligned, rubber stamping Congress and Supreme Court is a defacto dictatorship and this is effectly today’s U.S. government.

  • Mike Caulfield releases Walkthru;

    Back in January I started working on a web-based application to help teachers and others make fact-checking infographics as part of a Misinformation Solutions Forum prize from RTI International and Rita Allen.

    Mike had to change course and turn this in to a Windows app, but it is now working and available for those who run Windows.

  • Given how partisan Congress is, I wonder what would happen if a 3rd party candidate was elected POTUS?

  • Google announced they are making Pixel phone smore helpful via a series of feature drops. I got one of these “feature” drops with the December update that causes my Pixel 2 to not display signal strength to my AT&T microcell.

    Actually, I am looking forward to seeing how well the Call Screening “feature” works. Right now I have Do Not Disturb enabled to only allows calls from phone numbers in my contacts. While this is effective for blocking the robo calls, it has also blocked legit calls when I forgot to disable Do Not Disturb.

  • Today I realized that my 30 year anniversary at work came and went without any recognition by anyone, including myself. The worst thing that has occurred over my career is the institutional de-valuation of people with experience in corporate America. Talk is cheap; actions, or lack there of, speaks volumes.

  • Upon further review it looks like my Pixel 2 doesn’t know how to display the signal strength when the phone connects to the AT&T Microcell in our home. When I leave the house it displays fine, but when I come back and it connects to the Microcell I actually see it show all bars and then the bars disappear. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the microcell only provides 3G data, which I don’t care about because I use WiFi for data at home. In the the number of bars don’t really matter so long as my call connections work and don’t drop, but it’s annoying.

  • I have installed the December 2019 security update to Android 10 on my Pixel 2. Ever since the update the cellular signal strength indicator on my shows no bars even when I put the phone right next to the microcell in my house. I think the update borked this display!

  • I have completed the first week of using the Raspberry Pi 4 as a remote personal desktop computer during my work day. Call it an experiment of whether the Pi 4 can really serve as a desktop. The Pi4 is no where near as fast as my Pixelbook, but I find it good enough for the web browsing and reading that I have been doing.

  • One thing I don’t understand is why people don’t get that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. When he is not running for President Bernie has an I by his name, and frankly I see him as using the party. It is fair to say Bernie is a Progressive, but that does not necessarily make him a Democrat. If people thought about it, they would also realize that a person who considers themself a Conservative does not necessarily mean they are a Republican, nor should one assume that a person calls themself a Republican that means they are a Conservative.

  • Dave Winer makes an important point here. I think it is likely the intent for the pressure on Ukraine to announce investigation of Biden is to re-create the Hilary email scenario that Trump leveraged in 2016. The question I have to Trump supporters, if your guy is so good, why does he need to resort to all these shenanigans?

  • A year ago today I built my Federated Wiki server and since then I have added 274 pages.

  • If you are a Constitutional Originalist then you know that the original writers of the Constitution gave Congress the power to elect and remove a person from the Presidency. You also know that original Constitution does not create a pure democratic government it creates a Republic composed of an administrator (the President) elected by an Electoral College and if needed Congress, a Senate elected by state legislatures, a House of Representatives elected by citizens, and a Supreme Court nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

  • Is the economy really better than it was in 2016?

  • Scriptures do not offer rational certitude

    They offer us something much better, an entirely different way of knowing: an intimate relationship, a dark journey, a path where we must discover for ourselves that grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness are absolutely necessary for survival in an uncertain world. You only need enough clarity to know how to live without certitude! Yes, we really are saved by faith. People who live in this way never stop growing, are not easily defeated, are wise and compassionate, and frankly, are fun to live with. They have a quiet and confident joy. Infantile religion insists on certainty every step of the way and thus is not very happy.

  • I wish that micro.blog could put “Edit This Post” link at the bottom of posts so that when I view my blog and see an error I could simply click it to go directly to the editor rather than having to first open the micro.blog site. @manton

  • I am thinking about what are the best ways to manage a library of PDFs. I found a site that has several PDFS of programming notes that I have downloaded to a folder in Google Drive using my Chromebook.

    A nice thing about Chrome OS is that it enables to to work with folders in Google Drive as if they are locally on your computer. By default PDFs open in a Chrome tab and you can create a bookmark but the URL is unique to Chrome OS and will not work on other platforms, so I created a “From Pixelbook” folder in Chrome bookmarks and put these bookmark there.

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