• We’re Running Windows Apps on a Chromebook With the Droplet Computing Beta for Chrome OS

    Windows-based containers to run Windows apps on Chromebooks appear to be closer to reality thanks to Crostini. Like the author of this article, I am a little hard pressed to think what Windows only app I need to run.

  • Continue to be surprised by the number of deer I see in our suburban condominium complex. This one was munching on freshly cut grass during my afternoon walk.

  • Bill Buckner dies: Former MLB player passes away at 69

    Before Anthony Rizzo, before Mark Grace, before Leon Durham, there was Bill Buckner. He along with Dave Kingman are among my earliest memories as a Cub fan. Sorry to learn of his passing. It’s been a rough weekend for my sports heros.

  • Does the Republic for which these people gave their lives still stand?

  • It’s May 23 and I have just turned the air conditioning on for this year, later than normal. The current temperature is 75 degrees with forecast of 81 degrees. Hello summer!

  • Shall I go for a walk?

  • Romney’s astonishing nonsense about Amash and Mueller (Opinion) - CNN

    Mueller did the same thing as the Watergate investigation, he laid out the case for Congress to draw a conclusion on impeachment. In short, his entire effort was to layout the evidence for an impeachment inquiry to draw a conclusion, which exactly what the Constitution intends. If the House does not open an inquiry then it is discrediting Mueller’s work and not upholding their own oath to the Constitution. In the end, they might not draft articles of impeachment, but they absolutely should open the inquiry.

    Props to Amash for having the integrity to put his oath over party loyalty.

  • Every year the tree blooms and then this happens.

    The above is supposed to be a video that was stored on Instagram, but apparently hasn’t been pulled in to here in the same way pictures do. Here is a link to the video as hosted on Instagram.

    I use Instagram to posts pictures to this site because the Android apps for micro.blog do not have the ability to post pictures.

  • At this time of the year I really appreciate where I live and all the flowering trees.

  • Amazon is releasing what it is calling a home security feature to Echo devices it calls Alexa Guard. It looks to me like microphone in Echo devices will always be on, which makes me wonder how this feature can be abused? Most home security systems detect situations using sensors other than sound/voice detection.

  • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, which eliminated restrictions on corporate campaign spending.

    I think this could be one of the most important acts that Congress could take in my lifetime and for the future of the United States. Unfortunately I am skeptical that it will get traction.

    Source: Schiff introduces constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United - TheHill

  • The Cubs and Brewers are both really good teams, which makes their games so entertaining to watch.

  • A Crostini Meltdown

    The Crostini Linux containers on my Google Pixelbook melted down after I upgraded the Pixelbook to the stable release of Chrome OS 74, a reminder that Linux Apps (Crostini) is very much in beta.

    I’ve written the details of what occurred, the trigger seems to be that I had two containers. After Chrome OS 74 installs and you launch a container, such as by starting the Terminal app, you see a message telling you that the Linux apps is being upgraded and the app you wish to run will load after the upgrade completes.

    I saw the message for the primary container, named penguin, and everything worked as planned. The meltdown began when I started Gnome Terminal, which was in the second container, the one in which I was running Docker. The upgrade message appeared but the upgrade did not seem to complete. After letting it run for an hour, which was much longer than the prior upgrade, I restarted the Pixelbook, and either that or the upgrade rendered the container usable.

    From here a few attempts to fix the problem cascaded the meltdown to primary container too. My attempts to re-build and restore the primary container from a backup failed and I am left to re-building from scratch. Not totally awful given that I had no real data in either container, just apps with a bit of data synced to a cloud or github.

    I am not entirely sure what happened. I might have been too impatient and the second container may have upgraded had I just let it run. Or, it might be that running Docker in the second container created problems.

    The moral of this blog post is that even if you are sticking to the Chrome OS stable channel, Linux Apps (Crostini) is still in beta and thus breakage can and will occur.

  • A couple of pictures from my walk today along the Detroit river.


  • How Rachel Held Evans really should be remembered - The Washington Post

    Such an abundant life ended way too soon. I mourn for the family and friends she leaves behind.

  • Today is Day 1 of Google I/O 2019 and I managed to watch most of the opening keynote via live stream. I’ve created a wiki page to capture information from the conference this year. The biggest news from the keynote were hardware related.

    One is the consolidation of Google Home and Nest, the Nest brand remains. With this consolidation is a new video hub, the Nest Hub Max.

    The other big news was the announcement of two new, power priced phones, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. While not unexpected, still interesting timing given that Google announced the Pixel 3/3XL last October.

  • I wonder if Jesus would think the ends justify the means?

  • I wonder why Chrome OS updates take longer to appear on Google devices than on other devices? The Google devices in the update matrix are eve and nocturne.

  • Feels like sunshine because it is sunshine.

  • Got the patio furniture out to relax on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

  • Scripts that allow streaming audio between two Linux machines, for example, a laptop and a Raspberry Pi.

  • I find this to be a half truth about the founding of the United States, agrarian (Jefferson) and industrialization (Hamilton) were conflicting world views. The other part of our history is that white male supremacy, in the form of colonialism and slavery, were part of the foundation of the United States.

  • Game of Thrones: The Battle of Winterfell was an all-time great episode - CNET

    I watched and enjoyed The Battle of Winterfell but admit that I was frustrated by it being so dark. Aren’t Sansa and Tyrion still married? Seems to me GoT doesn’t have divorce, just death till us part and they are both alive.

  • Cubs are threatening to score double digit runs again having 7 runs through 5 innings in Arizona.

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