We got our first substantial snow fall of the season over night. Nearly three inches.

Finished reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 📚 I started 2022 reading a new book that I finished in a day. Need to sit with what I’ve read.

I finished my last walk outdoors in 2021. Construction is progressing nicely on the new bridge on a typical Michigan gray winter day.

I learned something from every one of the books that I read last year and I really wish everyone would read See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur, but given the current times I really wish every U.S. citizen would read One Nation Under God by Kevin Kruse. I’ve long been aware that there is a unique, and frankly not Christ-like, brand of Christianity in the United States that is mostly a tool of the powers and principalities of the world. For me Kruse’s book really explains how Americanized Christianity came into being.

I finish reading my last book of 2021, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. As I did last year, I tracked the list of what I read in an OPML file that I have published. To make it easier for me to retrieve that published version I created a forwarding URL: 2021books.frankm.info. Last year I created and published the final outline using Little Outliner but this year I used Drummer.

Little did I know then, two years ago that I might be watching the last GLi. I am really disappointed with Little Caesars.

On The Death Of Desmond Tutu

I am only aware of one country in the world that took conscious steps to address the cancer of supremacy, that country is South Africa. It’s path toward the task of overcoming supremacy was long and likely incomplete but would probably not have been taken up at all if not for Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

News of Tutu’s death makes me wonder how he saw the United States. Tutu had the wisdom to know that the antidote to supremacy is oneness, ubuntu. Supremacy cannot be shunned as it will simply continue lurking in the shadows. The only way to eliminate contempt is to see everyone as a part of me I do not yet know.

I feel as though the entire United States needs to be in a 12 step program. We cannot begin to overcome that which we don’t even acknowledge. We hide our addiction with our liberties. The amount of death that we have grown to accept, the amount of senseless loss of life we tolerate are not signs of a great nation or society.

The United States is leading the world into a third year of a pandemic that will continue to take more lives unnecessarily, and United States continues to lead the world in gun violence. All we are doing is managing to get by for just one more day. Apparently we have not yet hit bottom even after children are gun down in schools.

South Africa did not start to overcome the addiction of supremacy known as apartheid until it consciously did something about it. Any expert on addiction will tell you that no person can be made to overcome their addiction, the addict must decide for themselves they want to live. We, the citizens of the United States of America need to decide whether this republic handed down to us is something we want to keep, and that takes all of us to take a long look at ourselves and see us as we are rather than as how we keep telling ourselves.

A problem of the United States is that we really have no concept of public health. In fact the whole idea of public good is becoming more and more debatable. America, continuing to be great.

I’ve added Amit’s Stats micro.blog plugin to my site. It’s interesting to me that I posted nearly 100 more posts in 2020 than any other year. You will notice that I mostly write title-less posts, it’s how I was “raised” to do blogging.

Visitors came to see what we got for Christmas

This year we have a green, wet Christmas🎄

If you have a Google Pixel phone you probably know about its lock screen always on display. A change has occurred some time during the last week affecting always on display of my Pixel 4a at night. I am one of those people who sleeps with their phone on their bed stand, it’s basically my alarm clock. In the past, when in the dark always on display would dim but stay on enough to be seen and I woke up I could see the time. For the last several nights now the display has turned off and I don’t know why. I see that Digital Wellbeing has a bedtime mode where I can specify keep the screen dark, but I am not using that function.

The Verge: Google will launch two flagship smartwatches early next year. December 22, 2016. Of course, that didn’t happen with Wear OS 2.0, but reports are it will finally happen this coming year with Wear OS 3.0. We will see.

On September 1, 2014 I wrote about the buzz on the northside of Chicago as the Cubs were calling up some of their young players like Javier Baez. I speculated about whether Theo would sign Jon Lester. Little did I know then that just two years later the Cubs would win it all.

December 21, 2021, First Day of Winter

In an example of not seeing what is plainly in front of me, today I noticed the Embed link next to posts in my micro.blog timeline. Looks like the intent is a kind of “quote tweet” of another’s post, but does have me wondering why and how I would use it? Looks like the feature has been available for more than a year, but I have not come across its use.

Does Mac OS really not have a shortcut to minimize all windows to display the desktop?

This story of how Microsoft came up with the name of Windows CE rings true and makes me wonder who was the executive that forced the name?

Do you think Die Hard is a Christmas movie?

The NHL has now “paused’ their season, meaning no games until after Christmas. For now. Bets on the pause extending until after New Years?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like March, 2020, when the world seemed to start locking down. Back then it started with professional sports and now I see NHL, NBA, and NFL games being postponed. The NHL is postponing travel games to Canada for U.S. teams.

There is much in this New Yorker article, A Political Philosopher Is Hopeful About the Democrats, that makes sense to me as one who lives in fly-over country. I think the desire to be respected may be stronger than of democracy. Our predicament is due to an avalanche of decisions starting with Reagan and continuing through Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Unfortunately the mode of politics is to gain power and then get all you want while you can so there is no real focus on core needs.

We are being visited by a flock of birds, enough that I can hear them chirping as they forage. When the whole flock takes flight you hear the mass flutter of their wings.

I am seeing a definite increase in the number of athletes in COVID-19 protocols and sporting events being delayed. I can’t help but feel some form of a lockdown is coming. Bah humbug!

From two years ago:

My constantly saying that I am great does not make me so, that makes me arrogant.