• Last year on this date two people where shot on the campus of Central Michigan University. I don’t think we have made any progress towards addressing the gun violence problem in the United States.

  • The price of the original Apple Pencil has decreased to $80, which is still too much to buy for a backup. Keeping my eye on it for further price drops.

  • And now the posts have come through. Yippee! :)

  • Well, that’s interesting. I just enabled sending posts to the Internet Archive and now so far my post has not appeared on my blog.

  • Interesting to see that micro.blog has added a feature to automatically save posts to the Internet Archive.

  • The way I see it, the Detroit Red Wings need a coaching change.

  • Android is now FIDO2 certified, which means that it should be easier for applications to use fingerprints for authentication.

  • A weather pattern known as a bomb cyclone went through Michigan today. According to the Detroit Free Press the northern part of the Lower Peninsula was more affected than the southern. So far we are fortunate to not have a power outage, though DTE’s Outage map shows pockets of outages around us. The light have flickered that has been the extent.

  • Last week I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia for business. I didn’t get a chance to do any sightseeing, and it was really too cold to do that, but I did snap a few pictures.

  • It is nearly 40 degrees outside and the first Cubs spring training game is on the air. Spring is coming.

  • I created a category called Books. It would be really cool if new entries from indiebookclub were automatically added to my Books category.

  • Finished reading: Dynamics of Faith by Paul Tillich 📚

  • Is there anything more frustrating in personal computing than Bluetooth? Bluetooth is the achilles heel of the tech world.

  • Breakfast guests

  • What is REST?

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a set of design principles for making network communication more scalable and flexible.

  • Previously I have been manually curating an Index of my Federated Wiki, but the other day I found a page that automatically creates an index and I forked it to my site. Click here to see the index.

  • So far I am not seeing the high CPU consumption on my Pixelbook as reported by Chrome Unboxed. I only see system:system consuming resources when I have the Chrome OS task manager option, when I run top under crosh and have the task manager closed I don’t see system_server consuming high CPU.

  • I posted a question on reddit asking whether anyone else had problems with the Low Density option for Linux apps on Chrome OS 72. I got a reply with a recommended fix that works for me.

  • OMG, how could I forget, pitchers and catchers reported today. Spring is coming!

  • I finally have Chrome OS 72 installed on my Pixelbook, but unfortunately the low density option is not working as expected.

  • I’ve just had my first Federated Wiki moment where someone picked up up/referenced something that I wrote and expanded upon it.

  • Waiting on Google to push Chrome OS 72 to my Pixelbook. Feeling annoyed.

  • 1,460!

  • The great affliction of our time is the value of information over wisdom and thinking that one is the other. We worship information over wisdom to our peril.

  • I really like the keyboard and touchpad on the Google Pixelbook.

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