From two years ago:

My constantly saying that I am great does not make me so, that makes me arrogant.

As noted previously, I have a new Macbook Air and I am just getting used to using Mac OS. When at my desk I am connecting the Macbook to a 32 inch BenQ monitor via a USB-C dock and because I am using the Macbook’s keyboard, the monitors are arranged in System Preferences Displays settings as vertically stacked, with the external display above the internal display. I have the external display set as the primary but what has been frustrating is that the OS X dock doesn’t automatically move up to the primary display. I cannot believe that I have to move the mouse to the bottom left of the external monitor to get the dock to move when OS X seems to be smart enough to know which menu bar is active on which display; seems to me on which ever screen the menu bar is active that is the display that should have the dock. Testing shows that the issue only seems to be with vertical stacking of the displays (so I move the mouse up/down between displays) and not when the monitors are horizontally arranged (move the mouse right/left between displays).

Today’s Axios Future provides a very nice one pager about Quantum Computing. I really like how Axios publishes on the web.

It’s a weird weather day. Temperatures are in the 50s, which is way above normal, and a lot of wind. Weather apps are reporting sustained 20 mph wind with gusts up to 40 mph. Right now rain is moving in. Biggest risk is a power outage. I am trying to decide whether I can take my normal walks outside.

Did you see the news that Pfizer’s COVID booster is effective against the Omicron variant? How many of you then thought to yourself, of course it does, that’s how they are going to make more money? That’s the corrosive power of money influencing our thoughts and our decision making.

Nine years ago I wrote a definition of personal computing in the following formulaic manner:

personal computing = hardware + software + Internet + intelligence

For the most part I think that definition still holds up although we haven’t come as far with intelligence as I expected we would back then.

Today I learned about V for Wikipedia, which is a nice though oddly named iOS app for Wikipedia that on first look reminded of me of V for Vendetta. I think the nearby feature will be useful.

Right now more than 4,400 people in Michigan are in hospitals due ot COVID and we have the highest amount of hospitalizations in the United States.

How many static site generators can there be? Seems like thousands! Well, only hundreds.

Three years ago I built my wiki server and the wiki has grown to 409 pages. I still need to move it to a 64-bit server in order to run the latest version of wiki.

I think folks who are serious about “tools for thought” should check out the work of Linus Lee. Linus has a different point of view on the topic that includes developing one’s own tools for thought, which thus are highly optimized to one’s thinking, but also focuses more on what to do after one writes stuff down rather than on the writing.

We had above normal temperatures yesterday but work prevented me from getting outside enough. It was a glorious sun.

Looks like all those millions of workers quitting their jobs, aka “the great resignation,” are not lazy, they are going in to business for themselves.

Finished reading: No Cure for Being Human: And Other Truths I Need to Hear by Kate Bowler đź“š The writing in this book is all too relatable to me. A quote:

While I believe that there may be rich meaning at every crossroad in our lives—each meeting and departure, car accident or chance encounter—I do not believe that God will provide for every need or prevent every sorrow. From my hospital room, I see no master plan to bring me to a higher level, guarantee my growth, or use my cancer to teach me. Good or bad, I will not get what I deserve. Nothing will exempt me from the pain of being human.

Most of us know and are faced daily with what is to be human but spend little time thinking about Being.

The more articles I read about COVID19 the more frustrated I get with the lack of availability of affordable rapid testing in the United States. Throughout the pandemic we have suffered from the desire for certainty and perfection. Perfection is the enemy of the better. Rapid tests won’t detect all cases, so they don’t guarantee one is not infected, BUT if a rapid test is positive you then clearly know you are a threat to spreading the infection to others and should definitely stay home, which is more information than the average person has before they walk out the door.

I am connecting the Macbook Air to the BenQ Monitor, which I have configured as the primary display with the display extending to the internal display of the Macbook. I expect the macOS dock should appear on the BenQ but I haven’t figured out how to make it consistently appear. It seems if I move the mouse cursor to just the right spot at the bottom of the display then the dock appears and stays, but not until then. If I move the mouse to the bottom of the internal display the dock then appears there and goes away from the BenQ. Given Apple’s reputation, I am surprised by this inconsistent behavior.. or perhaps this is just user error?

MLB Free Agent signings are picking up and so far the Cubs are sitting on the sidelines. I am starting to be pessimistic about the ownership’s commitment to being competitive, there is the appearance of just collecting money from Wrigley Field tickets, betting, and all the non-baseball operations. In other words, a repeat of prior ownership that lead to 100 years of playoff futility. I really wish Mark Cuban had bought the team when he had the chance, I would not doubt his commitment to winning.

The snow started falling at noon but is letting up now. As you can see, not a lot of accumulation but enough to make it look winter-like. Would have liked to have the snow on Thanksgiving.

Settled in to watch the Michigan vs Ohio State football game, today’s iteration of this game is the first in a long time that has been so meaningful. The game also reminds me how I miss Keith Jackson, who’s voice is part of the soundtrack of my life. Sadly today I have to listen to the hype machine who constantly makes the broadcast about him.

I hope the official app for Android that I think is in development will support the Android share sheet. It is frustrating to not be able to share selected text to Gluon. And I can’t edit posts in Gluon.

Local weather forecasts predict we will be getting the first big snow fall of the season later today. Just looked outside and I see that it is already snowing.

I just received the leather sleeve I ordered for my Macbook Air from Mission Leather Company and it fits perfectly. I love the smell of leather.

I like that I can publish blog posts that I write in Drummer to my site but one missing piece I wish was available is integration with the glossary file. These two posts were written in Drummer, but notice only the one published by Old School has an anchor link, which is because Macbook Air is in my glossary. The glossary file is unique to Dave’s web publishing tools but something I wish other tools supported. Managing glossaries is a classic outliner task.

An observation. The 2020 edition Macbook Air is one substantial piece of metal. Not only does it handle compute processing like butter, but it can probably stop a bullet and do serious damage if I used it to hit someone at the right spot. I don’t think any computing device I’ve ever owned has felt this metallic.

I’ve been monitoring the COVID data pretty much since it has been published, but I am embarrassed to admit that I just now found the COVID ActNow site, which does the best job of presenting and explaining the data of all the other sites I’ve seen. Unfortunately, the data for Michigan looks awful. The only good news for myself is that the county in which I live has a lower vulnerability rating because of having a higher vaccination rate.