I think 538 has made a pretty good analysis of the Green Bay Packers’ offense, although I disagree with their inferrence that Rodgers can improve the offense on his own. Truth is, any quarterback, even former MVPs need an offensive line that blocks and wide receives who can get open and catch the ball. Rodgers has neither. Why was Rodgers MVP last year? Davante Adams. Right now the Green Bay Packers have no reliable pass receiver, period.

In my opinion, if the Packers were to make a trade mid season, and I doubt they would because they are still old school, they should trade Rodgers. There is no season hanging on to a quarterback of his calliber if you aren’t going to surround him with play makers. Frankly, they have been doing to Aaron what they did to Brett, it’s just that this time they didn’t draft an Aaron Rodgers to replace him.

My observations after wearing the new Google Pixel Watch for four days. I also wrote my day 1 observations, if you haven’t read them.

I find the complaining about the current results of this year’s MLB playoffs ridiculous. While it’s true that three teams that won more than 100 games this year have not made it to the league championships, those teams had the same chance to win their five game series than the teams they lost to.

No professional nor college sport simply have the regular season league champions play each other at the end of a season to decide which team is the best for that season. Yes, even baseball once had a four team championship series before the World Series. All sport playoffs simply decide who is the tournament champion, and the reason why tournaments are appealing is because they have upsets.

Regular sports seasons are played for a team’s opportunity to participate in the tournament, and for the fan’s enjoyment in watching their team compete for that right. Tournaments are for leagues and teams to make lots of money off the drama they create.

A day in the life of the micro.blog community in 126 photos on October 13, 2022.

Finished reading: Steven Johnson Collection 3 Books Set (Where Good Ideas Come From, The Ghost Map, How We Got to Now) by Steven Johnson πŸ“š

I received the Pixel Watch yesterday and I think it is the best looking smartwatch that I have ever owned.

The micro.blog community is running a “Day In The Life 2022” photo series that started yesterday, October 13, 2022, through this afternoon today, October 14, 2022. You can see the phones in timeline and grid views. My contribution is a picture I took when I took a walk yesterday within our condominium on a nice autumn day in Michigan.

An autumn afternoon in West Bloomfield, Michigan at 1:15 PM on October 13, 2022.

I’ve received notification that my new Google Pixel Watch has shipped and that I should receive it tomorrow. I have questions about the Watch that will be answered.

The Wildcard round of the MLB playoffs is done, and the two teams I am rooting for, the Guardians and the Phillies, move on. Really happy to see the Cardinals and the Mets out. The Padres and Mets were the only series to go to three games, with the Padres earning the victory on the road. Can the Padres beat the Dodgers? The Division round starts tomorrow.

It’s the playoffs… Philies have rallied in the top of the 9th inning to go from being down by 1 run, 1-2, to leading 6-2, with two outs in the inning. St. Louis fans are shocked.

The MLB playoffs have started with the wildcard series games be played today. With the Cubs not in the playoffs, I am rooting for the Phillies and the Guardians, who won earlier today.

Watching the Google event and posting reactions to my daynotes log.

I have added the following to the books I want to read: Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires by Douglas Rushkoff πŸ“š

Business Insider implies that Apple did something wrong with the iPhone 14, the author regrets upgrading from the iPhone 13. What is really wrong is the author thinking of it as an upgrade to the iPhone 13 and then buying the phone, but there shouldn’t be a reason why one buys a new phone every year. The iPhone 14 isn’t to replace the iPhone 13, it’s just this year’s model that if one owns an iPhone and wants to replace it with the current model, then that is the one to buy.

In fact, probably the only real reason why the iPhone 14 is called the iPhone 14 is because that makes it easier to talk and write about. In practice, we should think of the iPhone like a car. The iPhone 14 is the 2023 model of the iPhone. Next year Apple will announce and start selling the 2024 model fo the iPhone.

Very few people replace their car every year because the model they bought works just fine, and that’s a good thing otherwise there would be a lot more junkyards.

I gave in and turned the furnace on today. Too many mornings of temps in to the fourties.

Woke up to 46 degree temperatures outside. As I get older I dislike the change to colder temperatures more and more.

Unfortunately today I am experiencing the U.S. health complex in all its profit driven glory that results in hours of sitting around worrying. The current system is good for those who make money off it, but is it really good for the rest of us? We kid ourselves in thinking there is a market, but what really exists are monopolies and the lowest common denominator.

I see a few people in my feeds who are using/trying the Arc browser. Seems to me the easiest way for one to capture information from another is to develop and put out there a browser. I know nothing about the company that developed it, why should I trust it? Claims made by the company itself are not re-assuring, I would prefer a trusted third party evaluation. Fact is, some of the most important information we deal with is within a web browser.

It might be shocking to some to realize that the question of whether the United States is a single country or a union of states is not decided. One would think that the question was answered at the end of the Civil War, except that the 10th amendment was not repealed. Nor was the electoral college, nor other parts of the constitution that treat states as sovereign. Consequently, we live with the reality that citizen’s votes are not equal in Presidential elections. If you live in California, your vote matters less than if you live in Ohio. It’s not right, but it’s a consequence of where one chooses to live.

Those who benefit from the status quo see the Electoral College as a feature rather than a flaw.

β€œA community so addicted to consumption that it foregoes virtually every other pleasure and responsibility needs the intercession of a power great enough to reveal and tame the addiction. “God” is the place-holding holding word for the power that interrupts the tyranny of evil in all of its forms.”

β€” The Wounding and Healing of Desire: Weaving Heaven and Earth by Wendy Farley

I had an incident with this little guy who was sitting on the back of my chair. He appears to be recovering from his close encounter with my back.

Finished reading: Do I Stay Christian? by Brian D. McLaren πŸ“š

Watching the U.S. Open on TV with the volume turned down and the Detroit Jazz Festival playing on the computer. Tennis and jazz. Hard to believe that the last U.S. men’s champion was Andy Roddick in 2003.