On Memorial Day, when we remember the sacrifices of those who died serving our country during war, we ought to reflect on what it is that these people thought they died for. Did they die for my freedom or our freedom? Is it not the case that the concept of sacrifice is the antithesis of individualism?

Unofficial start of summer based on the blooming rhododendron.

The tariffs on imports from China first imposed by Trump and continued by Biden did not increase jobs in the U.S. but increased prices. While imports from China decreased they were simply replaced by imports from other countries. Assuming the purpose for the tariffs was to increase jobs in the U.S., it should be obvious this would happen because the tariffs don’t address the root cause problem which is that corporations are not really interested in hiring more workers in the United States. On the whole the United States is the last place a corporation wants to add labor because it has the highest cost. Imposing tariffs is simply pandering for votes.

Dave shared an easy way to transcribe voice mails to Google Docs, and I read it I thought, “that’s cool” but then asked myself, when is the last time you received a voice mail that you would want transcribed? For me voice mail is like fax machines, technologies of the past that are still around me but no longer really used. At my age I struggle to let these go, like our home phone land line.

Feeds All Around provides a way to discover RSS feeds related to a mastodon account. The app appears to be able to dig out the RSS feed from a site. Because it uses Mastodon it provides a way to drill down to followers of followers, and therefore is a bit of a rabbit hole. I plugged in my Mastodon handle and did some exploring. Found via Darren Hester.

Cicada Brood emergence time cycles with prime numbers like 13 and 17 years may be an evolutionary protection against predators.

Eleven elements of the Periodic Table are in the human body. The human body is an incredible, but there is a surprising amount about it, particularly the brain, that we don’t know.

It was a beautiful July day here in southeast Michigan.

The spread of major sports streaming outlets is getting ridiculous. Netflix will be streaming two NFL games on Christmas day. At least that is a service I already subscribe to rather than Apple TV.

New iPads: Deja vu All Over Again

I was mostly offline the last week as I on the road visiting family and friends. Catching up on my feeds, I see the reactions to the reviews of the new iPads that are predictable because they have been the same for the last five years or so now. All new iPad hardware is fantastic but hampered by the operating system software. The real problem with these observations is that they are redundant and pointless unless one is reviewing a new release of iPad OS.

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Finished reading: The Jesus Driven Life by 📚Michael Hardin. The author’s use of the work of Rene Girard to understand humanity, and from that understand Jesus and by extension God is compelling.

1984 Is In The Past

Dave Winer recently wrote that we in the United States are already living in an authoritarian state. He cites as evidence the probability that SCOTUS will say the President of the United States is in fact above the law and notes that the Supreme Court has always been above the law. If one takes a honest look back at the history of the United States you will see that it has always been an oligarchy rather than a democracy.

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It’s ironic that people who mock the idea of college students equating speech to violence whenever they react to somebody saying things they don’t like then have college students arrested for saying things they don’t like. It’s really all about control.

I am beginning to think that while much focus is on the upcoming Presidential election what may be more important is Democrat majorities in the Senate and House. Only a single party majority of both houses makes impeachment a real power over the President. Trump could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and a Republican Senate would not find him guilty. It will also take a Democrat majority to make any reform of the Supreme Court possible.

SCOTUS Can Push The Republic Over the Edge

In my opinion the Presidential Immunity case before the Supreme Court could be the most consequential to the future of the United States of any case in my life time. The case raises the question of whether Richard Nixon was right in his claims that a President of the United States can never go before the court, that they are not really bound by the rule of law. Had Gerald Ford not given Nixon a pardon it is likely that the Supreme Court in that day would have heard a case similar to the one before them now for Trump.

I can see a Supreme Court of justices who claim to be originalists proclaim that the President is above the law because the U.S. Constitution has holes as it is made of words. When fundamentalists only look for words and ignore meaning or intent that enables them to promote an ideology. The originalist ideology seems intent on returning us to past centuries in which white men held all the power and for which liberty only applied.

If the United States is a nation based on the rule of law, and the Supreme Court says that rule of law does not apply to the President, how can the republic remain based on the rule of law?

It is draft day in Detroit!

The 2024 NFL Draft is tomorrow and Detroit is buzzing. This is a time when I wish I were still working at the RenCen, I am sure the energy of the event is palpable.

I wish that I could use the glossary function in Drummer for my micro.blog posts so that links to pages I frequently refer to, like my now page, are automatically generated.

Change To How I Make Summary Posts

I upgraded the theme to this site and now the summary posts function stopped working. I had not read an update that with the release of Version 2.7 of the Tiny Theme, which I use, the summary plugin is no longer supported. I now have to manually insert the more tag to indicate where I want the summary truncation to occur.

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Rolling Through The Blogs

Dave Winer is putting much effort into rebooting blogrolls, which traditionally are a list of other blog sites shown on the right side of a main blog page. Back when blogging was more social than commercial blogrolls where a method of helping readers to find other blogs to read. You might recognize how on the right side of many blogs there are lists like Recent Posts and Archives such as on one of my WordPress sites, the placement of a blogroll is consistent with that layout.

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