The upcoming U.S. Presidential election is unique in my life time in that it is an election between two incumbent Presidents. Consequently, we don’t really need to focus on character issues because there is a record of what each candidate did in office. For example, Biden ought to focus on what Trump did and did not do about COVID-19 as his actions are on record as are the consequences, millions of people died while Trump was in office, unnecessarily. I also wish Biden, or pundits, would at least emphasize that there is a difference between feeling better and actually being better. Were you really better off when Trump was in office than you are now, or did you just feel better (were more entertained) while Trump was in office? Finally, yes, inflation is an issue right now, and if we accept that government spending is the primary cause, let’s note that it was Trump who signed and provided most of the COVID stimulus checks. Most economic circumstances are reactions to the past.