I’ve read some common themes regarding Google’s change to seven years of full support for Android on the Pixel 8 phones. The comments boil down to whether the hardware performance will keep up or whether people really use a phone for that long. (Others are skeptical that Google will live up the promise, but I think if they don’t they will face lawsuits.) I think both are examples of missing the point. For me there is a difference between having the ability to use a phone that runs current software for more than three years and a circumstance where I must replace the phone after three years if I want current software. Most likely there will be new features in the Pixel 10 or 11 that make buying a new phone desirable but there is a big difference between wanting to buy a new phone and having to buy a new phone. I would be very surprised to find many people still using the Pixel 8 seven years from now, but it’s nice to know they can if they want to.