I use Drummer to write many of my posts for micro.blog. I wonder what happens when I delete a post way back in the past? As a test, I deleted a post originally in Drummer on October 23, 2021 and it wasn’t removed during the publish of this post. Still hope to understand how micro.blog processes the OPML file. I do know that I have to specify in my blog settings the public URL for the outline file, so it looks like the script in Drummer let’s micro.blog know a change has been made to the OPML file and then I assume micro.blog reads the file. As I can edit posts in Drummer and publish the edits back to micro.blog, there is the appearance of a mapping of outline nodes to blog posts. I have found that I can even edit posts that I wrote way back in October 2021. The key question is, what does it do to deletions of entire posts? Manton confirmed that micro.blog does not delete posts removed from an OPML file.