Business Insider implies that Apple did something wrong with the iPhone 14, the author regrets upgrading from the iPhone 13. What is really wrong is the author thinking of it as an upgrade to the iPhone 13 and then buying the phone, but there shouldn’t be a reason why one buys a new phone every year. The iPhone 14 isn’t to replace the iPhone 13, it’s just this year’s model that if one owns an iPhone and wants to replace it with the current model, then that is the one to buy.

In fact, probably the only real reason why the iPhone 14 is called the iPhone 14 is because that makes it easier to talk and write about. In practice, we should think of the iPhone like a car. The iPhone 14 is the 2023 model of the iPhone. Next year Apple will announce and start selling the 2024 model fo the iPhone.

Very few people replace their car every year because the model they bought works just fine, and that’s a good thing otherwise there would be a lot more junkyards.