Finished reading: In the Shelter: Finding a Home in the World by Pádraig Ó Tuama 📚

I really enjoyed this book because it contains so much wisdom scavenged during life lived. Chapter 8, Hello To Change, is particularly good with the following standing out:

“For many, the possibility of being wrong is a threat to the foundations of thought, morality, or empire. And without a doubt, those who advocate scientific thought are as prone as other schools of thought to being superior. But written into the heart of science is the embrace of the gift of being wrong.” page 197 (I would add, due to my current political mindset, that in a similar way written into the heart of democracy is the embrace of the possibility of losing an election. I see a common denominator between the emergent anti-science and anti-democracy ideaologies.)

“The Greek word translated into English as “repentance” is metanoia. The prefix meta means “beyond,” hence metaphysics being the study of—or speculation about—what is beyond the natural. The word noia means “thought” or “mind.” Together, however, metanoia means to change your thoughts, to change your mind, to turn in a new direction, to reverse a direction and go a different way” page 198

Technically, then, this should mean that the Christian faith is a faith that is adapted to change, a faith that is not undone by realizing that its precepts or propositions are incorrect.” page 198, empahsis mine.