One of the most dangerous ideas that emerged in politics starting in the 1970s is that changing one’s mind about a policy or topic is wrong. We heard politicians claim that their opponent “flip-flops.”

Unfortunately, too many people have taken this to mean that they must not change their minds about something, but changing one’s mind over time is what growing up is all about. Is it any wonder then that people are now so entrenched in their ideas they simply do not listen nor accept anything spoken by someone else that they don’t agree with?

The “no flip-flop” mindset can have dangerous consequences. If scientists aren’t willing to consider the possibility that how they thought something happens, like how respiratory illness spreads, could be flawed, lives can be lost. Not to mention scientists who don’t believe they could be wrong aren’t really practicing science.

If you want to really impress me, tell me about something you changed your mind about in the last three years.