It is possible that Trump will recover well from his bout with COVID-19, which will then result with his supporters declaring, “see, no worse than the flu!” We must not obsess on how this affects Trump personally and focus on how it spreads and affects others. Trump and those directly in his orbit do not care about others, and apparently people who should know better, like college professors and presidents, as if in an abusive relationship, are too intimidated to stand for themselves.

Chris Christie, for the sake of your family and your own life, stop hanging out with President Trump!

The purpose of wearing a mask is so that one may not spread the virus to others. Because Trump has demonstrated he does not care at all for others, anyone coming in close physical contact with him is putting their life in danger. This act alone is a violation of Trumps oath of office, but since grown ups who identify Republican were incapable of standing up to him and removing him from office when they had the chance, they get to suffer the consequences. (Republicans, when will you face the fact that Trump is not one of you and doesn’t care about you?)

Isolate Trump in the White House until after the election. No more tax dollars spent on him to spread the virus around. No more press conferences. No rallies. Enough is enough.