CNN: This is a code red moment for the US government

“Strategically speaking, it weakens any credibility that the US has, in terms of being a competent global leader prepared to confront threats. "

Making America Great? Greatness is not self declared, it is determined by consensus of others. If I say I am great, I am being arrogant. America’s greatness is thus truly determined by the people who live in countries other than the United States of America.

We were first considered great in 1787 when we did something never done before by creating a nation governed by citizens rather than ruled by monarchs. Any doubt was removed by the end of World War II when we saved the world from fascism.

Unfortunately we got drunk on our own press clippings, puffed our chest, and started trying to impose our superiority upon the world, first in Korea, then in Vietnam, and as we started losing the “war” in Vietnam the government declared war on its own citizens, which has been raging toward the near boiling point that we are experiencing now.

It turns out to be great you do have to care about others. Nobody ever thought to be great was so self centered as to not be willing to sacrifice for the other.