Trump seems to think the most important measure of his success is the stock market. The reality is that the stock market is driven significantly by emotions, either confidence (bull) or fear (bear). The only tool a President really has in relation to the stock market is his or her ability to lead. People know leadership when they see it, and they look for leadership for confidence and void of seeing such leadership have fear. Consequently, the stock market is telling us much of what we need to know about President Trump and that is he is not a leader, but this was obvious in 2016 to anyone willing to see beyond the theater perpetrated by Trump and everyone around him. After we get through this crisis I wonder whether we will truly place blame where it belongs, which is how a person of Trump’s deep character flaws and probable mention disorder was elected. We need to truly look at how we elect Presidents and make changes…. that or Congress has to get a whole less political and much more representative of ALL Americas and execute it’s oversight obligations given it by the Constitution. (The Senate had it’s chance of saving tens of thousands of lives when it had the chance to remove Trump from office.)