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I think we are hopelessly, intentionally fractured, with factions obsessed with getting their way. Consequently, there is no agreement about what’s most important. Republicans are obsessed with keeping the guy with the R next to his name in the White House even if they don’t like him. In their mind any Democrat will do more damage than Trump and anyone raising concerns about Trump are just partisan.

Democrats are NOT united on the priority to remove Trump, rather there appears to be a faction that seems to say, “if extreme is the new norm then we have to nominate the most extreme person to win.” It appears most Democrats have lost regard for moderates and independents. It’s as if they learned the wrong lessons from 2016.

We really need a viable third party candidate; if only the current system wasn’t rigged against that happening. Neither party seems really invested in the Constitution, and if you don’t recognize Trump as a threat to the Constitution then you conclude he is no different than any other candidate.

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