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Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPad announcement. Back on January 27, 2010 I wrote, “Has Apple Made Tablets Legit?” and the answer ten years later is a resounding yes. Personally, my iPads are my most used and most important personal computer. Ten years ago the iPad was limited enough to be viewed as a device one uses to read or watch videos, but the current iPads and now iPadOS paired with a keyboard and mouse make it capable of most forms of personal computing. There will always be situations and people demand nothing but a full notebook computer, and that is fine, as Steve Jobs said back then, one can still drive a truck. Happy belated birthday iPad!

P.S. Reading my past writing on this topic, I realize that embedded in the iPad was Apple’s transition to designing their own processors, with their first included in that iPad.

P.S.S. I find it really cool that I can look back and read what I wrote ten years ago. Of course, that only happens because I am paying the bill to continue hosting my old blog. This December I will have been blogging for 21 years.

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