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Last week I participated in the MobileViews podcast and in it we talked about foldable screen devices. I stated my opinion that we ought to think of them as foldable tablets rather than foldable phones. In other words, are there use cases in which we wish we could use a tablet but it’s too large to carry around? I think this is important positioning because most people are going to think smartphones are small enough, and foldables are really about making a large screen surface smaller. Coincidentally Microsoft released their SDK for Duo, which is there planned foldable smartphone that they announced last October. The Verge has taken a look at the SDK and explained how that translates to the user experience and I agree it sounds like Microsoft has the right approach. I do wonder, though, about how many cases where users wish they could see Android apps side by side because that appears to be one of the cases Duo will be well suited.

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