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Iran conflict confirms Trump is who Dems think he is (opinion) - CNN

“If the President has been willing to withhold foreign military assistance to secure campaign help, how could Americans trust him when he launched a military strike against another country? Was Solemani’s killing done in the national interest or in Trump’s self-interest? Did the President create serious instability for his own needs, possibly even in an effort to divert public attention from the impeachment.”

President Trump lies and this is not even disputed by most of his supporters, they just claim he is no different than Obama or any other past president. So, given that we all accept that he lies, how can we trust anything he or his administration says? If we are to go back in to war again, should we not be sure it’s for legitimate reasons? If you are a patriot and support our military who puts their life on the line then you should demand the risk of their sacrifice is in support of the interests of the United States and not just the President of the United States.

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