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The Truth About Greatness

The campaign slogan for Donald Trump was Make America Great Again, iconized by red hats. We ought to have substantive conversation about what is America and how it might be great, but we don’t.

Here is a problem, greatness is not something one can self-declare. My constantly saying that I am great does not make me so, that makes me arrogant. Greatness is only determined by people other than oneself, and the same is true for countries. This is something Americans don’t seem to understand, but it is a truth.

Unfortunately, I think most people add the words “for me” to the end of MAGA, which ironically is the exact opposite to a quote from a Democrat President, John F. Kennedy. A quote that frankly conservatives should recognize as their own rather than a liberal’s. Please think about that when you complain about entitlement.

We ought to aspire to greatness, but that aspiration needs to be framed in the understanding of how greatness is truly determined.

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