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A year ago I signed up for Exist in search of an application that would help me analyze the data I Collect in Google Fit. Unfortunately, it only imports a few months of historical data from Fit so I needed to wait until now to see the year over year benefit.

Now I can easily tell that I am walking less this week but more than last year. I can easily see whether my monthly activity is above, at, or below my average. Exist also provides a way to track my moods and provide tags.

A few things that I wish Exist provided are a direct way to enter sleep information, similar to mood tracking. I don’t use devices to track my sleep but I would like to simply be able to enter the times I went to bed and got up and provide a rating for how I think I slept. Not scientific, but a start.

I would like it to integrate with food tracking apps, or provide a direct way. Right now I am using LoseIt mostly to track carbs.

Finally, I wish it provided me a way to create my own queries/reports of data.

Overall I am happy with the service and can recommend it. Web, Android and iOS applications are available.

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