Wear OS H Update Problems

Wear OS Update H installed on my watch two days ago. There appears to be a problem recovering from the new “deep sleep” / suspend mode. At intermittent times the watch appears to be unresponsive, basically it looks as though it is frozen after I attempt to wake it by either moving my arm, tapping the screen or pressing the crown. Eventually it does come back/recover, which leads me to suspect the watch has gone in to suspend/deep sleep and takes a long time to resume. I appreciate the idea of saving battery life by going into such a state, but the watch needs to recover much faster as right now it is a horrible user experience. Is anyone else seeing this? Is this a known problem with a fix in progress, or is there a way to disable this “feature?”

I started to notice this behavior yesterday. I’ve restarted the watch in hopes that might resolve. My fear is that this is a processor issue causing this watch to not be able to resume from this form of suspend fast enough.