My Notes From The Apple Event

Tim Cook was max PT Barnum at the Apple Event, which I find annoying after listening for 20 minutes. At this point they can just move on to the announcements, the forced excitement and employee enthused applause is becoming old.

The $1200 price for the new MacBook Air is pretty much what I expected. Given how the MacBook has been redesigned, I am not sure why one would not just get a MacBook rather than an Air.

Likewise, the Mac Mini got a nice spec upgrade retaining the $800 price, which is cheap for a Mac but not so much relative to other desktops. I guess if you want a low cost Mac, the Mini is the one to get, as always.

The new iPad Pros were the star of the event, and they have me wishing I did not buy my iPad last year. For me the slightly larger screen and CPU upgrades are very appealing.

Can the new Pencil work with older iPad Pros? I need to learn more about the Pencil, and if it works with old Pros I may buy one. Can 2 Pencils connect to an iPad at the same time?