Apparently Google announced they will be releasing a new version of Wear OS within the next month. Articles are available from several sources, all appearing pretty much the same. It would be nice to see a video of the changes, but apparently that has not been provided by Google.

I’ve been running the new version of Google Fit for four days, and I am pretty happy with the change. I had already made the mental shift from steps to move minutes. Fit has even suggested in an increase in my goals after using the defaults and monitoring my activity for a few days.

One problem that I do have with my watch, which is a Fossil Q Explorist, is that the battery life has been worse since upgrading my phone to Android P. I am not sure that is the exact correlation, but it feels to be the case. I’ve had several occurrences of the battery running out on my watch by early evening, which was not an issue in the past.