I think of micro.blog as a publishing platform, for two reasons. First, what I write is published to my blog. Second, what I write is published to other distribution channels, specifically for me Twitter and Facebook, but it could also include Medium and LinkedIn.

What would make micro.blog perfect for me is the ability to designate, at the time I am writing, to which distribution channels I want a particular item published to. All things that I write are appropriate for my blog, but some things I might only want to also be published to Twitter and yet other things I would prefer published to Facebook.

To me, the ability to control what gets published where, from the app in which I am writing, is particularly important if I were to publish to the LinkedIn and Medium channels that could be considered more “professional.”

Right now, cross-posting is all or nothing. Everything I write in micro.blog is cross posted to Twitter and Facebook and frankly some posts, like this one, don’t make sense for those audiences.

I recognize there are drawbacks to cross posting, specifically, it’s a write once experience meaning that edits don’t get re-published to Twitter and Facebook because there just isn’t a mechanism to do so.