Too many people in the United States think our government will be overthrown by force when the reality is it is happening in just the opposite manner. The strong arguments against gun control in the U.S. is evidence of this, as the argument centers around needing to keep guns as protection against government oppression. The powers that be don’t need to take guns away, they just need us to keep arguing about them, which fossilizes idealogy and keeps attention away from what is really happening.

The constitution enables authoritarianism when Congress and the Supreme Court do not function in their jobs as overseers of the Presidency. When Congress and the Supreme Court simply align with a president due to party affliation, you have a dictator in practice.

Today the process nearly complete, and gerrymandering will seal the deal. Gerrymandering removes the one power citizens have, which is to vote. You don’t need to burn down the flag nor rip up the Constitution, all that is needed is idealogical compliance to what the Presidency wants.