I’ve got Android Messages for Web enabled and I found that it does work with Chrome on iOS, however I haven’t received notifications for new in-bound messages on iOS. You can also set up Messages for Web with multiple computers but only one can be active at a time. I have to admit, this seems to work pretty well and helps me get past a limitation with Pushbullet on iOS.

If we can’t agree that there are things humans should not do to other humans, particularly to those who are vulnerable, then we have a problem and that is being exposed in the United States’ current practice of separating children from families. From the time that Trump seriously started running for president we have seen a widening gulf between those who care about what we do to one another and those who do not.

I don’t get the need for Google Podcasts. There is already a section for Podcasts in Google Play Music that I have been using and have subscriptions. Google Podcasts isn’t even smart enough to import my existing subscriptions.

I don’t listen to many podcasts any more now that I don’t spend an hour a day in the car commuting to an office. In fact, most of my recent podcast listening has been using Apple’s Podcast app on an iPad.

I think I know what happened. With previous posts I published from Ulysses I did not enable markdown in the publishing dialog and therefore the publisher converted the markdown to HTML so it appeared correct in Wordpress. In the previous post I enabled markdown, and since Wordpress was not configured to use markdown it did not render properly. So, to have enabled markdown in the writing settings of the WP-Admin console, which fixed the problem.

In other words…. operator error! :)

It is really disappointing that Apple removed all handwriting recognition keyboards for iOS. I would really like to be able to use the Apple Pencil in all of apps, which I should be able to at least do with a HWR keyboard. It looks like MyScript Stack and Stylus were all removed from the store.

The Overthrow Will Not Be By Force.

Too many people in the United States think our government will be overthrown by force when the reality is it is happening in just the opposite manner. The strong arguments against gun control in the U.S. is evidence of this, as the argument centers around needing to keep guns as protection against government oppression. The powers that be don’t need to take guns away, they just need us to keep arguing about them, which fossilizes idealogy and keeps attention away from what is really happening.

The constitution enables authoritarianism when Congress and the Supreme Court do not function in their jobs as overseers of the Presidency. When Congress and the Supreme Court simply align with a president due to party affliation, you have a dictator in practice.

Today the process nearly complete, and gerrymandering will seal the deal. Gerrymandering removes the one power citizens have, which is to vote. You don’t need to burn down the flag nor rip up the Constitution, all that is needed is idealogical compliance to what the Presidency wants.

I wish there was such a thing as insertion point actions on my personal devices, here is what I mean. If I am adding a task in Noteplan on my iPad to call a friend, it would be really cool to just tap and hold, to get an Actions menu, from which I see an option that says “Add link to a contact.” A link would be pasted at the current location of the cursor.

I like Drafts, but I think the concept behind it is nonsensical. The idea of Drafts is that you use it to write and edit any text that you can then send to other apps, which also have the capability to write and edit text. So, you see “actions” in Drafts for entering tasks in apps like OmniFocus and Todoist, but why is that easier than just entering information in Microblog, OmniFocus and Todoist? It seems to me that people who use iOS for productivity are so enamored by the workflows they have created they don’t seem to realize the workflows are basically workarounds for deficiencies that existed in previous versions of iOS.

I am finding the number of iOS apps that basically do the same thing insane! Really, how many markdown editors are needed?

I want iOS Do Not Disturb while I am using the Kindle app. I should be able to create this capability using Workflow, but Apple doesn’t let third party apps tinker with such settings.