• Amazon.com: Nokia 7.1

    If you are in the market for a new Android phone and don’t want to spend nearly $1000, I recommend taking a look at this phone.

  • Looks like Google has not fixed their quality control issues on their phones, which should cause one to pause when deciding whether to buy any of their hardware.

  • Note which words are not in “Make America Great Again.” Hint: Trump seems to the think our only enemies in the world are journalists and Democrats.

  • Game over for the Brewers. Used Hader too soon. ⚾️

  • Counsell could be over managing by putting Hader in too early. If the Brewers don’t take the lead while Hader is pitching, it might be game over. At some point you got to rely on starting pitching.

  • I am watching the Michigan/Michigan State football game that feels like a game between two mediocre teams. Could go to overtime at this rate.

  • Linux Apps Coming To MediaTek-Powered Chromebooks Like The Acer R13

    We’ll dive deeper into how Google can leverage Linux apps some other time but I would guess that Google is planning something bigger with Crostini and I really hope it involves some sort of unified apps store that includes Linux apps, PWAs and even Android apps.

    I plan to buy a new computer this year and it will likely be a Chromebook largely due to Crostini. I am working on a blog post about what I am currently considering and why.

  • A got my hair cut this afternoon. I am the only one in the barbershop getting my hair cut. Dude walks in right up to my barber, who asks the guy if he can help him. Dude says he is on a scavenger hunt for sweetest day and needs a picture with a barber. Takes selfie with my barber and leaves.

  • If you want direct updates to Android from Google and the stock Android UI but don’t want to spend the money for a Pixel, watch out for the Nokia 7.1 or Motorola One that will run Android One.

  • So, it turns out the 2018 Astros were not any better than the 2017 Cubs.

    Nothing is static, particularly baseball. It is not likely your team will be exactly the same, someone is going to get injured. More importantly, the competition is not going to stay the same, they are going to get better.

  • Bernie Sanders:

    It is beyond comprehension, the degree to which the Democratic party nationally has essentially abdicated half of the states in this country to rightwing Republicans, including some of the poorest states in America, those in the south,” Sanders said. “The reason I go to Kansas and many so-called red states is that I will do everything that I can to bring new people into the political process in states which are today conservative. I do not know how you turn those states around unless you go there and get people excited

    You also can’t assume you have a state won. I believe the 2016 Presidential election would have a different outcome had Hilary actively campaigned in Michigan and Wisconsin.

  • Back in the day before Gmail I used to run my own email server in my house. It was a bit of a pain to maintain, but it satisfied the geek in me. There is a company that is selling an IoT-like email server that costs $500. I’ve never heard of the company and therefore can’t vouch for it, but I find the appliance intriguing. Just found an article on Ars Technica about this product.

    The solution, called Helm, sounds a lot like Pogoplug, which was a personal cloud storage device that is no longer available. The risk of using a product from a small company that might not stay in business to store and access personal data is something one has to take in to consideration.

    Out of curiosity, I looked for the oldest message in my Gmail archive, its from when I first got an account in May, 2004.

  • An Open Letter To the So-Called Exhausted Majority:

    The thing that makes everybody exhausted is when people are speaking and acting out of a need to be right all the time. That need to be right is the thing that I most need to be saved from. When I’m okay with being wrong and letting others teach me something, I’m less exhausting to them.

  • Barbara O’Brien:

    Television producers booked one right-wing religious figure after another, all taking the side of Terri Schiavo’s parents, as if “religion” spoke with one voice on this issue.

    Unfortunately, many assume that how they see Christianity represented by talking heads on TV defines Christianity. One of the biggest mistakes made about religion is thinking that there is one voice on Christian thought, which is why government decisions based on Christian ethics conflicts with the first amendment.

  • David Brooks writes of the Hidden Tribes survey and seems to conclude that our problem is a white civil war between Progressive Activitists and Devoted Conservatives.

    When I scroll down through the results, I am not so convinced, particularly when I read this definition of The Politically Disengaged, which made up 26 percent of the participants.

    The Politically Disengaged (26 percent of the population) are untrusting, suspicious about external threats, conspiratorially minded, and pessimistic about progress. They tend to be patriotic yet detached from politics

  • So those filters in Discover… are those hashtags like #baseball or emoji? Are they automatic?

  • The gist of the articles currently being written about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers is that the Packers are wasting what time they have left with Aaron. Frankly, I had the same complaints about how the Packer’s treated the second half of Brett Farve’s career.

    You have one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks in the league, but you do not keep him surrounded by good talent. Good receivers, running backs, offensive line, or defense. You put in place a coach who frankly doesn’t appear to have a sense of urgency.

    The Packers were very fortunate to have drafted Aaron and that he was better than they most likely thought when he was drafted. Most teams do not replace one hall of fame quarterback with another hall of fame quarterback. It is not likely they will do the same when it comes time for Aaron to step down, and that means that every season that Aaron plays in which you don’t win a Super Bowl could be another year added to many, many years of not winning one.

  • Are good speakers really an important component for a smartphone? Google’s commitment to dual front facing speakers is a head scratcher. I know it was HTC’s thing back in the day, but if I am listening to audo on my Pixel I am using a headset. If I want to fill a room with sound I will connect to an external speaker using Bluetooth or Chromecast.

  • How much screen time is too much screen time? Looking at the Digital Wellbeing Android app, there were only two days last weekn when my Pixel 2 screen was on for more than an hour. Only three times last week I uinlocked my phone more than 20 times.

    The main problem I see with Digital Wellbeing is that it doesn’t easily show history or averages. You open the app and see your current consumption, but that info is not useful when it is not related to anything. The Screen Time setting in iOS shows averages and how that relates to prior weeks.

    Still, while the information in Screen Time is interesting, it says I pick up my iOS devices (two iPads) on average 42 times a day, I have no idea what that means? Is it good? bad?

  • There is established history of corporations lying about the affects of their productions on people and the world. Why would we think they scrapped that playbook just because they got caught once?

  • Why would you believe a Republican?

  • Still Standing

    We saw Elton John last night for the first and last time, as this is his farewell tour and I believe it to be true. The show was fantastic, particularly when you consider that Elton is 71 years old. He played for a little over two and a half hours, with no intermission. After each song he would stand up, acknowledge the crowd as he did a circle around the piano seat, take a drink of water, sit down and launch into another song.

    I’ve never seen a musical act with so much percussion. Two full drum sets, three drummers, including tympani, bells, and tambourine. The dude playing the tambourine, which was well miced, got more video time than the guitars. The act, however, had no cowbell.

    Finally, a couple notes on Little Caesar’s Arena. It was the first concert that we attended at LCA. In an email the day before we were told the arena would open at 6:30 PM and encouraged people to come early, Elton was starting promptly at 8 PM. The arena didn’t open until 7 PM, which was very annoying.

    We had seats in the upper bowl, which frankly were the cheapest seats. The climb to the seats in the upper bowl is pretty steep, and I felt bad for some of thr elderly and disabled who made the climb.

  • Still going

  • Sir Elton John

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