• Can there really be such as thing as an online community?


    “It is no secret that culturally at this point in time, discourse has devolved to the most acute volley of “two wrongs make a right” that we may have ever historically seen. We have taken this pathological diversion to a whole other level, to the point where we are able to create impasses that are so acute, they have the appearance of being impossible to transform out of. And I wonder sometimes, when we sit in our disintegrated state, if we want to move from the impasse. The impasse itself has become like a nice comfy couch to curl up on”

  • Patagonia is giving its workers Election Day off — and says you should, too - The Washington Post

    It should be obvious that politicians do not want high voter turnout otherwise there would be a law or amendment to make election day a national holiday, or move it to a Saturday. The same applies to education in the United States. Changes have intentionally not been made because those in power benefit from the status quoe.

  • The first Android phone was an ugly thing, and I loved it - CNET

    It was not my first smartphone, but I was a proud owner of the T-Mobile G1, the first Google phone. For me the G1 was more about the Google experience than the hardware. I’ve always felt that Google’s Internet first, information first approach aligned better to my needs than Apple’s end user experience first, hardware design first approach.

  • Dave is giving the Republicans way too much credit. Kavanaugh most likely will withdraw himself as candidate at the urging of the Republicans or Trump. They have plenty of alternatives who will enable their agenda equally well.

    Or, they could go through the process to make it all look nice and approve him anyway.

  • I’ve installed the new Shortcuts app and so far see some good and some not so good.

    Good: I created a Siri Shortcut that turns on Do Not Disturb until a time I specify and the launches the Kindle app.

    Not so good: I’ve created a Siri Shortcut for a action extension workflow I have that shares the current web page in Safari as a link formatted in markdown. What I want to do is open a page in Safari, evoke Siri and say “share this page” however once Siri starts Safari is not accessible so the web page and URL cannot be obtained.

    Basically, I was hoping Siri Shortcuts would understand the context of what is on screen, but it cannot because once you launch Siri she has focus. As far as I can tell, you have to use the share extension to do what I am trying to do.

  • Siri Shortcuts is apparently available in the App Store but not yet for me. Still waiting.

  • Essential apps that work with Google Fit I am looking for a simple way to log the time I went to bed and got up, and I don’t see a way to do that in Google Fit.

  • Boethius:

    Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.

    from “The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure” by Greg Lukianoff, Jonathan Haidt http://a.co/fMQ9JIi

  • I think there is a possibility for Siri shortcuts to be a really big hit for Apple, and Google needs to beef up Assistant to match. Over time I expect Siri to speed up how you use your iOS device.

    For example, right now I can tell Siri to open my blog and she starts Safari and opens this site. That saves me several taps. Right now I just made a shortcut to send text that I copy to the clipboard to Drafts. Highlight, copy to clipboard and then tell Siri to send this to Drafts.

    And this is just with the built-in functionality, soon I will be able to “program” my own shortcuts.

  • Keep An Eye On The Watch

    I think the smart watch market is fascinating. On one hand you have Apple, with one design and software innovation and on the other hand you have a multitude of watch designers producing a variety of different looking watches at different price points using comparatively mediocre Wear OS. It also highlights the advantage of designing your own chips because Wear OS has been constrained by slow chip development by Qualcomm.

    BTW, if one is in the market for a Wear OS watch, wait until when watches with the new chips release later this year, early next. I know a number of new watches are being released to coincide with the new version of Wear OS coming next month, but I expect the new chip to provide better battery life and processing for the future.

  • Yesterday I did a factory reset of my Fossil Q Explorist watch in the hope I would see improved battery life. So far I have had success. Before the reset the watch consumed 15% battery in an hour, today so far my watch has only consumed 7% in two hours. I only have a minimal set of apps on the watch, but I really think the problem occurred when I upgraded my phone to Android Pie. Moral is to do a reset upon such upgrades.

  • Sitting on the patio reading with coffee and nature. My most favorite thing that I have not been able to do enough of this summer thanks to the humidity. Thankful for fall.

  • I’ve factory reset my Fossil Q and it seems to be drawing less power, but I’ll need to watch it more over time. I am reminded that I believe this happened when I last upgraded Android my phone, when that is done something seems to happen to the Bluetooth communication between watch and phone. The solution is to break the pair, which results in a factor reset of the watch.

  • Dana Blankenhorn:

    Moore’s Law of Politics holds that technology slows our aging, but we remain set in our ways. The way you thought when you were a kid likely determines how you vote today, and as we age our memories get longer.

  • Dana Blankenhorn:

    Our country, and our planet, continue careening toward disaster, poised between the pull of Moore’s Law and the pushback of Moore’s Law of Politics. The balance is finely drawn.

  • I am wearing a Fossil Q Explorist, third generation. Battery life has been good enough to get through my day up until recently. It’s hard to get solid evidence because the Wear OS app does not provide much useful info on power drainers. It feels as though the problem started when upgrading my Pixel 2 to Android P. Doing a factory resert and re-pair to see if that fixes it.

  • Where is the Siri Shortcuts app? I have the official iOS 12 release on my iPads and the app is not included.

  • Can one use an Apple Watch without an iPhone? If not, the barrier to entry for someone who does not own an IPhone is awfully high.

  • While you can configure the Gmail app to use the same categories as Inbox, Gmail does not have a simple way to archive all messages in a category. For example, I want to see all Updates, scan through the list, and quickly archive them after I’ve read what I want to read. Gmail also does not have a button to snooze a message, but at least you can configure one of the two swipe actions to snooze.

    Ack! Just realize that when I implemented categories (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums) in the Gmail app on my phone, that changes the web version of Gmail too. Worse, there is no single button way to archive all email of a category. You first have to select all messages and then buttons appear to mark read, archive, delete, etc..

    So, Google, give me an easy way to archive all email in a category in Gmail and I will be unaffected by the demise of Inbox. Think about how fast it is to triage email in Inbox and enable that same capability in Gmail.

  • Really disappointed by the news that Google will be shutting down Inbox. I think it is the best email app for smartphones because it makes it real easy to triage email.

    I am not surprised by the news, we saw this coming and I’ve been using the Gmail app on desktop and tablets and Inbox on my Pixel and iPad Mini.

  • There is an event going on this afternoon at which rumor has it we might see what is called an iPhone XS or iPhone super-sized.

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