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  • I recently rewrote my profile page and implemented HTTPS using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. In my opinion S3 provides one of the easiest and least expensive ways to host a simple, static web site. Unfortunately HTTPS adds complexity, both in what you need to do to build the site and also in how you maintain it.

    I did a brief survey and I think that that the simplest way to set up a web site with HTTPS is to host with a service like Bluehost, which provides a free SSL certificate. Bluehosts’s $8.99/month price is reasonable, but not as cheap as Amazon for a really small site like mine, which is a single HTML page.

    So, in my opinion with the current push to HTTPS, you are better off going with a service provider that includes HTTPS as part of the service. If you are more technical and willing to fiddle with things, you can save money with S3/Cloudfront.

  • Azure has a different approach to static sites because it associates a VM to the site rather than storage. The big difference is that you can’t associate a custom domain to the free tier, you will have to pay for the VM and it looks like you will need to buy a certificate. The upside to this approach is that you can implement SSL without having to use a CDN.

  • Google’s static website hosting is pretty much the same as AWS, and it also requires using a CDN if you want to implement HTTPS.

  • Dave Winer picks up on a point that I wrote about yesterday. Trump’s behavior regarding Putin and Russia is driven by money and ego.

  • When I first saw the title of this book, How to Think, my reaction was, “do we really need to teach people how to think?” Then I thought, yes, yes we do! More thinking and less reacting is needed.

    From the author:

    “Eventually two points occurred to me. The first is that many of our fiercest disputes occur because the people involved simply aren’t thinking: they’re reacting or emoting or virtue-signaling or ingroup-identifying. The second is that I have spent my entire career thinking and trying to teach others to think.”

  • The yellow represents a severe thunderstorm warning. The blue pin is my house, and immediately below is the rest of our condo complex. If I walked 5 minutes out my front door I would be out of the warned area.

  • I don’t find it shocking that Trump has a very favorable view towards Putin and Russia. Russia is about the only place that will give Trump a loan. Putin has not personally offended Trump in any way, and Trump likely does admire what Putin has.

    All Putin has to do is continue stroking Trump’s ego.

  • Here is an incredible catalog of 1,000 technical-oriented PDFs hosted on Github.

  • Despite what you might hear about one person or another having “all the qualifications” to be a Supreme Court Justice, there are actually no constitutional qualifications for a Supreme Court Justice.

    When someone says a person is qualified, what they really mean is that they think that person agrees with their ideology.

  • My latest theological essay: Thy Kingdom Come, My Kingdom Go

  • Interesting story about corner stores. When I was growing up the nearest grocery store, one of these corner stores, was DeRidders. In the late 70s a fire gutted the building and the owner built a much smaller “party” store across the U.S. highway from the old site.

    In its day DeRidders was one of maybe a half dozen grocery stores in my small home town. Four were located on the three quarter mile long Main Street. Today only one grocery store remains in my home town, and it competes with a Walmart Superstore ten miles away.

  • The last Sears store in Chicago is closing today. Sears has been in Chicago since 1887.

  • A couple of six pointers strolled through our back yard, nibbling on trees along the way.

  • I have updated my profile page and learned something about content delivery networks along the way. I host my profile in a S3 bucket that I have now configured for HTTPS. The only way to use Amazon’s SSL certificate is by using their CDN, Cloudfront.

    The fun begins when you make changes to said web page and they never seem to appear, even though you know for certain the latest version of that page is in the bucket. Turns out you need to invalidate that page in the Cloudfront console to force it to be refreshed in the cache. Along the way I made changes to the TTL for the page.

    All fun geeky stuff, but really too many hoops to serve a simple web page with one picture.

  • Alan Jacobs:

    In Trump’s world, you fit into one of three categories. You may be a mark, you may be leverage, you may be a loser.

  • bostonreview.net

    At its best, democracy balances the rights of the individual with the responsibility to participate in the public conversations and tasks that make civic community possible. However, the possibility of so stressing rights that we forget responsibility is a perennial threat to American liberty. The choice of privileging one over the other comes down to a simple, but profound question: “What is freedom for?”

  • Remember when Wimbledon was for the serve and volley? Watching Serena complain about the bad bounces coming from the chewed up grass and dirt in the baseline has me thinking, get up the court toward the net where the grass is greener. Not to mention a volley eliminates the bad bounce.

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