• The backup of this site in GitHub has refreshed, and that repo has been pulled down to my iPad. Backup of backup

  • Lisa Shearin is one of my favorite authors. Settling in with her latest

  • Moved to the patio. May be here most of the day. #staycation

  • What the heck?

  • My office for the afternoon

    I work from home, I vocation in Starbucks.

  • Today I wrote a new article on my site hosted by Netlify that includes an image that I have stored in a S3 bucket. The bucket is not set up for HTTPS. Netlify has sent me an email that mixed, insecure content has been detected on my blog.

    Sigh. Now I have to go and figure out how get that bucket, which is hosting my personal profile set up with HTTPS. Fortunately, it is a simple bucket, but really, this whole ham-handed push to HTTPS is getting old, fast.

  • Micro.blog has a setting that I’ve been using that sends a copy of my content to a Github repo, and if that repo is configured for Github pages then you basically end up with a second copy of your micro.blog site.

    When I changed the theme for this blog the Jekyll build at Github started to fail. Every time I post something here I was getting error messages from Github. So, this afternoon I’ve been trying to fix the problem, deciding to just remove all the contents in Github and start over.

    Unfortunately, now that I have removed everything, and even generated a new access token, nothing is transferring from here to there. I don’t know whether I broke something over perhaps exceeded some time of commit limit on a public repo.

    I wonder if I can put it into a new repo?

  • I am doing some cleanup. This is a test post to see if it worked. Once more, with feeling!

  • Using NotePlan To Manage Personal Projects

    I’ve been using NotePlan for a few months and have been really happy with it, here I explain how I use it to manage personal projects.

  • I’ve successfully upgtraded my Mintbox to Mint 19. Now to figure out all the stuff.

  • I am upgrading my MintBox to Mint 19.

  • I’ve owned iPads that have Siri for several years and not used it much until today, having tested Siri shortcuts.

  • I just discovered the new Siri shortcuts in settings. It noticed three web sites that I opened, including this site. I recorded a shortcut, “open my blog” and now I can tell Siri to open this site in Safari. It also noticed a Workflow that I had created, so I think it might be possible to create one in which I do tell Siri to share a web page.

  • www.imore.com

    I want “Siri, share this with micro.blog.”

    Installed the iOS 12 beta on my iPad Mini and notice a nice performance improvement but not much else exciting.

  • On this July 4 take the time to read the ideas upon which we declared our right of Independence.

  • Wonder if the neighbors have fireworks

  • I am patiently waiting to upgrade my Mintbox to Mint 19. Waiting on the upgrade to be pushed.

  • What do you think about blog archives? I personally like a index of post blog posts that I’ve written to make it easier to go back and see my writing at that time. The software I used in the past made it easy to see those monthly archives, but micro.blog does not. I can create an index using a Wordpress site, but I think I would prefer something built in to micro.blog. If I were a programmer I suspect the JSON feed would be useful.

  • You may have noticed that I made a change to the layout and appearance of this site. The new theme is similar in appearance to the theme on my Jekyll site. I may be contrarian, but I prefer blogs that make text easier to read over blogs that emphasize graphics. (I also dislike white text on black backgrounds because that messes up my eyes.)

    One thing that I notice is that in this format the date of the post is at the top of the post, giving the appearance of a title and that makes me wish that such posts were all consolidated on to one page like previous incarnations of my blog.

  • After reading about the performance improvements coming with iOS 12, I’ve decided to install the beta on my iPad Mini 4.

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