Watching the Cubs play the Cardinals. So far two calls have been overturned by replay. Replay is showing how bad baseball umpires are, you can almost say something like 25% of all calls made in MLB history before replay were wrong.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a case for the iPad Pro 10.5? I prefer a case that doesn’t add bulk, is easy to take on/off, and has a place for the Apple Pencil. I like the look of the Pad & Quill Oxford case, but I am uncertain about the adhesive tape and how easy it is to take the case off.

Micro Blogging versus Social Networks

You might think it too fine a point, but I think any blogging product requires the ability to edit what one has written. To me, editing is a fundamental difference between blogging and social networks because blogging is about permanence where as the social network timeline/newsfeed is a black hole.

To me, what makes micro blogging different from social networks like Twitter is the permance I describe above, and therefore editing should be a fundamental requirement for all micro blogging apps.

Google releases a new Tasks app. It is a pretty barebones list making app that at least supports sub tasks. Unfortunately the iOS version is only for the iPhone and looks awful on the iPad, even the iPad Mini.

Gmail versus Inbox

Google has released the new version of Gmail, which I am checking out. I have been using, and like, Inbox mostly because how quickly I can use it to triage email. By triage I mean browse for messages I want to read and then quickly archiving all the remaining messages. No other app, including Gmail provides as easy a way to archive a group of messages.

The downside of Inbox is that it is very JavaScript heavy and therefore the web app performance can suffer. Another downside is that the app versions don’t look as good on larger screens such as on my 10.5 iPad Pro in landscape.

So, I am considering using Gmail on large screens and Inbox on small screens. However to decide that, I need to use the new Gmail for a while.

Did a little more investigation into the watch face that Fossil “pushed” to my smart watch last weekend. What happens is, you receive a notification saying that you “unlocked” a face and whether you want to enable it. What I have found is that amongst the many faces that are pre-installed on the watch is one called Seasonal, and this is the face that Fossil pushes updates to. Consequently, Fossil is not consuming additional storage space on the watch with each “new face” as it is updating one face that is designed for different appearances, which in reality is how all faces work.

I am wondering whether there is a Wear OS app that will automatically change watch faces I specify on a set schedule. I would like to rotate through some like the Outlook face that I like to use during the work day.

I use a simple process for telling whether my computer is working too hard, I listen for the fan. By this simple measure I determined that Chrome was just killing my computer and checking Process Explorer I did see high CPU utilization. I switched to Firefox as my primary browser and so far the fan has been quiet and the browser more responsive.

I use Amazon Lightsail to host the Dockerized version of a CRM application. There has just been a major release and the latest version of the Docker image is not working for me. I take snapshots of the server as a back up, so I was able to revert back to the prior version of the server pretty easily. The process does involve creating a new instance from a snapshot, moving the public IP address to the new instance, and then deleting the old instance.

People suggesting that Trump did something wrong by not attending the funeral for Barbara Bush might stop to consider whether he was invited by the Bushes.

I got a Fossil Explorist Q, which is a Wear OS smart watch, for my birthday. Today Fossil pushed a face, commemorating Earth Day, to my watch, which was unexpected. Now I am curious to learn what other faces Fossil will push. I think this is a nice Easter egg.

Everything restored on the Pixel 2 except for the Android Wear settings, so now I have to factory reset my watches and completely reconfigure them to manage them in the Wear OS app. What an awful user experience.

Something really bad just happened to my Pixel 2 to shut down and then not boot. I have had to do a factory reset. Now restoring from backup. I had just downloaded the NASA picture of the day and was making it the wallpaper on the phone when this happened.