Still think that replay should stop play and make calls on hits to the head in the NFL. In the last 10 minutes of the game tonight there have been two calls the refs have missed. Hits to the head is a player safety issue that the NFL should make maximum effort to get out of the game. Fines after the fact doesn’t do the job. The NFL needs to follow the NCAA’s lead in this, and frankly should be open to law suits from former players.

The pitfall of playing in two fantasy football leagues: having your point leader (Jonathan Taylor) in one league leading your opposition in the other. Time to rest Taylor. :)

Five years ago today was the greatest game ever played. I still tear up thinking about it.

New York Yankees seem to have the same problems the Chicago Cubs had since 2016. Most likely they won’t admit to following the wrong formula of have too much of the same in their lineup. Maybe a trade of Judge to the Cubs next year?

Just a year ago I wrote….

Of all my favorite teams, the Cubs have the most talent and I expect will have chances to win championships again in the foreseeable future.

Not true now and not likely in the foreseeable future. The Packers got to the NFC championship game and this appears to be the last year of the Aaron Rodgers era, so the window for them appears to be closing.

“The window on the talent the Cubs do have is getting smaller and it will be a shame if they only make it to one World Series.” –Me, two years ago. Now that talent is all gone.

Something Was Going On In Japan

The summer Olympic are nearly done and I really didn’t watch it much. I think a big part of the problem was the time difference and the Internet providing the results. What I will remember from these Olympics, however, is how dangerous is gymnastics. Too much was written about Simone Biles’ “mental health” in a way suggesting what she was experiencing was “just” emotions. The problem was much more dire, the alignment of brain and body so that she lands on her feet and not her head.

Humans are not cats. Search for why cats land on their feet. If you ever had vertigo or just got dizzy, imagine that disorientation while spinning upside down ten feet in the air.

I’ve been wondering what to call this new era of Chicago Cubs baseball. I shall dub thee the post World Series era, but I hope it’s shorter than 108 years.

I am feeling really conflicted, so fortunate to live to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016 and now seeing the players who made that possible being traded away. I wonder whether those players fully understand the I impact they have had. Literally generations of Cub fans never lived to see them win it all, but Bryant and Rizzo made it happen for me.

I am a life long fan of the Chicago Cubs and I’ve seen my favorite players leave them before, but seeing Rizzo going to the Yankees and expecting Bryant to be gone too hurts. Of course the image of them making the final out in the greatest game ever played will always be seared in my memories.

It doesn’t take much to figure out why the Chicago Cubs have faded and are out of the running for the playoffs. Team batting average is nearly dead last, ranked 28 of 30 teams. On base percentage is ranked 23, and slug is ranked 19. I am surprised that Cubs pitching is as good as it is, their team ERA of 4.10 puts them in the top 10, although their WHIP of 1.32 ranks them 18th in the league. (WHIP might be a better indicator than ERA.)

Bottom line is that the Chicago Cubs lineup is not very good. If you are another team looking to pick up a bat to help you make the playoffs, given the stats, beyond Kris Bryant, which other batters would you trade for to help your lineup?

After a long short week highlighted by 36 hours of no electricity, it’s nice to watch the Cubs beat up on the Cardinals.

I’ve recently discovered Moleskine Journey, which is a personal information manager designed for creative minds, independent workers, audacious backpackers, and free spirits, Moleskine Journey uniquely combines the best features from productivity applications, like calendars, reminders, and notes, with tools for personal development, such as diaries and habit tracking.

I’ve used Moleskine Timepage, which I like because has a different take on how calendar apps look and work. Journey’s focus on more personal aspects of daily tracking rather than calendar and tasks is appealing. Better yet, the app is also available on Android and the Web.

NFL’s first official sports betting partnerships include FanDuel, DraftKings, SlashGear

For as long as I can remember organized sports viewed betting as the biggest threat to the integrity of the game. More and more are now embracing the money, integrity be damned.

The Chicago Cubs is the worst hitting team in baseball, but this shouldn’t be a surprise. It seems obvious to me that the Cubs’ front office does not properly evaluate hitting talent, every player on their team is a home run hitter. When Schwarber left they went and got a literal hitting duplicate, Joc Pederson, as a replacement. Nico Horner was the best hitter in spring training and they sent him back to the minors in favor of another home run hitter.

I can’t blame the manager, and I can’t really blame the players, they are who they area. The problem rests entirely with the front office. Really, one hit wonders. How lucky we were in 2016!

Spring training is complete for the Chicago Cubs. Opening day is on Thursday, 1 PM versus the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field. The weather forecast has temps in the mid 30s.

I don’t get this claim that baseball players can’t do contract negotiations and play ball at the same time. Lots of people do lots of things at the same time, all the time. Wait until Rizzo becomes a dad.

The NFL appears to be expanding the number of streaming options for games, but I don’t see info about an ability to stream out of market games. The NFL needs a reasonably priced equivalent to MLB’s At Bat app.

It doesn’t mean much, but the Cubs won their first spring training game today, 1-0 against the Padres.

We do not have the sunshine nor are the Cubs playing today as they did last year and we have much more snow on the ground. However, full training camp starts today and the first game is within weeks!

Tommy Lasorda, legendary Los Angeles Dodgers manager, has died - CNN

Among my oldest memories are from the seventies watching the World Series, which seemed to always be the New York Yankees versus the Los Angeles Dodgers, with my grandfather and grandmother. Even though my grandfather had strokes that left him speechless he was my father figure and so these are fond memories. My grandfather grew up in Milwaukee and so a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers but the Yankees were the villain and the Dodgers the hero for us during these games. Of course Lasorda was the manager of the Dodgers during those games, so news of his passing brought back these memories today.

The Jed Hoyer regime is not starting well in Chicago when it communicates b.s. like this. I see zero ways in which the trade of Yu Darvish to San Diego for little in return helps the Cubs in 2021. Maybe the Cubs will be competitive in the N.L. Central by default, but they won’t be competitive outside their division.

I am still bumming since learning on Friday that Len Kasper is leaving the Chicago Cubs to be the lead radio announcer for the White Sox. What I like about Len is that he is a genuine baseball guy, he isn’t a broadcaster who also does baseball, so moving from TV to radio makes sense. Of all sports baseball is best for radio.

My life experience with the Chicago Cubs has always been narrated by TV play-by-play guys: Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray, Chip Caray, and Len Kasper. There have been a few others who have been briefly behind the mike, but these are the voices that replay in my head.

The first words are Jack’s calling another Dave Kingman home run. Most of the words are spoken by Harry, who was with me from teenager to adult. Chip is sentimental following his grandfathers death, where Len will always be part of the Cubs finally making it to and winning the World Series in 2016.

White Sox fans are getting a great baseball guy to tell them the White Sox story when baseball starts in 2021. I might try to listen to a few games, particularly when the White Sox come to Detroit and Len sits closer to Ernie Harwell’s seat. In the meantime I’ll watch for who will be next at broadcasting for the Cubs.

The dismantling of the 2016 Chicago Cubs has begun through the Cubs not making an offer to Kyle Schwarber. Unfortunately right now it seems though Kyle was a one hit wonder, but that hit will always be memorable to Cubs fans.

Last year I speculated that David Ross would be hired to manage the Cubs and wondered how well he would do. I think he has done a good job, but the issues about the Cub’s lineup persists. A team of Home Run hitters can be easily stopped by good pitching. Fortunately, this season was short enough so that their early lead held, but I don’t think they win their division if they played a full schedule.