In the past we had some consensus on what is right and wrong, and at the very least agreement that right and wrong is important. The problem is right and wrong is no longer important, nor the point, instead that has been replaced with, you are either with me or against me.

You cannot solve any problem if your starting position is effectively, we will solve that problem only if everyone agrees with me.

On the way home last night from a gathering of friends in Royal Oak, I stopped at a store and found some Founders KBS and Atwaters Blueberry Cobbler for sale. The store owner started the day with 12 cases of KBS and had 2 left by 8:30 PM and will probably be sold out by this afternoon. Right place, right time for me.

I am not excited by subtle UI design changes such as being shown by the Android P developer preview. What I am more interested in is substantial changes, which frankly have been few and far between in Android and iOS. I bought a Pixel 2 last year only because I knew with the release of Android O the Nexus 6P had reached the end of the line and would get no more updates. Otherwise, the 6P was and still is a great phone.

The constant state of firings within the White House is indicative of the level of incompetence I feared of a Trump presidency. Constant disruption does not result in progress, it is status quo at best, and most likely regressive. In some areas, like the state department and defense, chaos can be dangerous.

Some people are happy with the chaos that Trump is causing, but besides the LOLs what else are those people getting?

I think I have configured Quill to post to my site, this is a test to see whether that worked. It worked, but I don’t think I will use it.

Daylight savings time sucks, and common sense suggests it should be repealed. However, like most everything in the United States, powerful corporations have figured out how to take advantage of it and therefore their money will prevent any positive change.

Standard Notes A Simple And Private Notes App

I am invested in Evernote, but if I we’re starting a fresh search for a note taking repository, I would probably go with Standard Notes. The most appealing feature is that it encrypts all notes before they are stored locally, and the encrypted copy is what is synced to their server.

Standard Noted runs on multiple platforms, and the paid version is very extensible and supports two factor authentication. If you are inclined, you can host Standard Noted on your own server.

Two people shot on the Central Michigan Campus, and at the time I write this the man hunt for the shooter is in progress. Immediately on Twitter are the gun control/anti-control fanatics tweeting away. What is always lost is context. The problem isn’t necessarily this one event, the problem is that this event is just the lastest instance of something much larger.

Right now, all we have are advocates of each side of the solution yelling at each other so that nothing is being done. So, from where I stand the real issue at this moment is the fact that we doing nothing but just live with the problem, which is a sign for how low our society has fallen.

In her article titled “Alternative Facts, Alternative Truths” I think Dr. Francesca Tripodi provides a good example of the consequence of dualism as taught by fundamentalist churches. Issues like gun control, racism, and patriarchy do involve emotion as well as fact. In my opinion, just about all big decisions involve emotions.

In the matter of the Evangelical church’s view of Trump, what I think this article shows is missing is context. If all you look for are the words you like, and don’t stop to consider that the person providing them knows that and is intentionally saying them with no history to back them up, there is going to be a problem.

There Is No Such Thing As Health Insurance

Twenty states have filed suit against the federal government basically because there is no business model in healthcare insurance. Before we can fix problems we have to:

  1. Agree on what is the problem
  2. Agree that the problem needs to be fixed
  3. Understand that the solution to every problem (healthcare) is not a hammer called capitalism
  4. Agree on fundamental principles

Fundamentally, the business model for insurance is based on the premise that a company pays out less money than it takes in through people buying insurance. Property insurance works because it is possible that people who pay for it never need to file a claim through their life time. Likewise auto insurance works because there are people who never have to file a claim over a lifetime of driving.

In context, there really is no such thing as health insurance because every health care transaction is paid by the “health insurance” companies and just about everyone has one or more healthcare transactions per year. In other words, how does a “health insurance” company make money? If auto insurance was like healthcare, ever time one took their car in for an oil change or a tire rotation they would file an auto insurance claim.

Basically, we have to stop thinking that there is a capitalistic solution to the cost of health care. Just about all other countries around the world came to this realization and did something about it. We in the United States have drunk the capitalistic koolaid so much that we have forgotten our own history and just run around trying to hammer away every single problem.