Because I am an introvert, emotionally-charged meetings, even if I am not the target of the emotion, is very draining. Today was one of those days, being remedied by guacamole and a Dankwood.

One of the most surprising things I’ve learned about myself during the last three years is that I like guacamole.

Chrome OS’ forthcoming ability to run Linux apps appears to me to mostly be something Google did so that their engineers could actually use the Pixelbook. Once that feature is seen in the code you might as well let the broad developer community in on the fun.

The question is whether regular users will benefit from this feature. Most likely not if nothing more than the actual number of Linux apps a “regular user” might find useful are limited. Right now I can only think one app I will want to run in such a container and that is Standard Notes.

Do we want our devices to become nannies? I get why Google and Microsoft are reacting to reports on the addictive nature of the devices, but it seems to me we need to learn self control and not rely on external influence to tell us what and what not to do.

Drafts or Ulysses?

One thing I find frustrating about iOS are the number of apps that all seem to do the exact same thing. How do you decide on one over the other? An example is Drafts and Ulysses, both are good markdown editors but Drafts supports more automation. Last summer I was looking for a new editor and Ulysses came highly recommended, so I bought it, but then the company switched to a subscription model and that turned me off, I decided to not buy in to the subscription.

Then I learned about Drafts, and so I went and downloaded it and have used it to write some blog posts. To date I have mostly used it to write long posts for one site that only has a “basic” web-based editor. Of course, Drafts has now been recently upgraded and it too has a subscription model.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to have Ulysses and Drafts on my iPad, Drafts seems to able to do the job good enough. However, so far I have not seen an Action for sending text to Wordpress, which I find a bit surprising. Does anyone know of such an Action? The one in the Drafts directory appears to require components not part of

I used some credit card reward to discount the cost of the Pad & Quill case for th iPad Pro 10.5 that I wrote about earlier. The case arrived today and it is beautiful and provides plenty of protection but also adds bulk. It is going to take time for the leather to break in, so the race is between the breakin of the leather or me.

Watching the Cubs play the Cardinals. So far two calls have been overturned by replay. Replay is showing how bad baseball umpires are, you can almost say something like 25% of all calls made in MLB history before replay were wrong.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a case for the iPad Pro 10.5? I prefer a case that doesn’t add bulk, is easy to take on/off, and has a place for the Apple Pencil. I like the look of the Pad & Quill Oxford case, but I am uncertain about the adhesive tape and how easy it is to take the case off.

Micro Blogging versus Social Networks

You might think it too fine a point, but I think any blogging product requires the ability to edit what one has written. To me, editing is a fundamental difference between blogging and social networks because blogging is about permanence where as the social network timeline/newsfeed is a black hole.

To me, what makes micro blogging different from social networks like Twitter is the permance I describe above, and therefore editing should be a fundamental requirement for all micro blogging apps.

Google releases a new Tasks app. It is a pretty barebones list making app that at least supports sub tasks. Unfortunately the iOS version is only for the iPhone and looks awful on the iPad, even the iPad Mini.

Gmail versus Inbox

Google has released the new version of Gmail, which I am checking out. I have been using, and like, Inbox mostly because how quickly I can use it to triage email. By triage I mean browse for messages I want to read and then quickly archiving all the remaining messages. No other app, including Gmail provides as easy a way to archive a group of messages.

The downside of Inbox is that it is very JavaScript heavy and therefore the web app performance can suffer. Another downside is that the app versions don’t look as good on larger screens such as on my 10.5 iPad Pro in landscape.

So, I am considering using Gmail on large screens and Inbox on small screens. However to decide that, I need to use the new Gmail for a while.