While I am at it, despite that I use micro.blog, I have to confess that I don’t “get” micro.blogs. Perhaps I am being too literal. To me, a blog, is a blog, but there are titleless posts and posts with titles. Blogging back in 1999 was oriented around dates, and a weblog was a log of what one saw and reacted to on the web on a particular date. (In otherwords, titleless posts.)

Now, I do get the idea of coherent interaction relating to a blog post that is probably the real, special sauce, to micro.blog. Back in 1999 we tried to implement this concept through link backs, but that had the challenge of notification of when someone did a link back so that you can participate in the “conversation.”

Webmentions may be a better technlogical implementation of the link back concept. Ironic that the micro.blog blog doesn’t seem to support it.

Again, being honest, I don’t write what I write on my blogs for the comments or the likes or the shares. I selfishly write for me, and if you the reader get value out of what I write, all the better.