The plan by several newspapers across the country to all write editorials on the same day intended to rebut Trump’s claim that the press is the enemy of the people is a bad idea.

At the end of the day, the press needs to just do its job. One thing that I do think might be helpful is to point out that every president has issues with the press, they likely can produce past video of democrat and republican presidents taking issue with them.

And here is the thing, in this context, the President of the United States is not “the people.” Consequently, a press that does NOT explicitly agree with the President is NOT an enemy of the people, if anything they may be an enemy of the President.

Trump promotes the idea that he is just “one of us.” He, like all Presidents before him, is not just one of us.

The President serves us, and the Congress, the Supreme Court and yes, the Press, are the institutions identified by the founders of our country as being responsible to make sure the President serves faithfully by upholding his oath. By definition this means that when a person takes the oath of President of the United States, that person ceases being just one of us.