In Theory: Does religious belief make the world more violent?

Understanding of the above question and a good answer require contemplation on the words “religious beliefs.”

Beliefs most often translate into emotionally driven actions. People do certain things because they strongly feel (emotion) they are right.

The word “religion” means to bind, so religious beliefs is a binding together of people with common beliefs, often translated in to emotion driven actions.

Religious and non-religious people have beliefs and emotions, removing religion isn’t going to remove those beliefs.

One can say religion heightens those emotions. It can and has been a method for “getting people worked up” in such a way that emotions are heightened.

Here too there is nothing particularly unique about religion. Dictators and Presidents, atheist and believers, have and will conduct events that heighten emotions.

So, no, removing religious beliefs is not going to decrease or eliminate violence because emotions are part of who we are. Further, there will always be people who know how to manipulate emotions. Mature religion teaches us about our emotions, and helps us to know them and manage them. (Genesis 4:7) Mature religion is the antidote, not the problem.