In my opinion, there is a problem with viewing the Internet as publicly owned. The Internet is corporate owned and has been for some time and corporations who own it are going to make decisions that are in their best interests.

No part of the Internet is publicly owned, the last vestiges of that were given up when the FCC killed net neutrality.

If we truly want a free and open Internet we need to build a new one that is not controlled by corporations. You can talk all you want about how you want companies to act, but they will not act in the public’s best interests unless it just happens to coincided with their own interests.

Yes, there are companies like Apple that give the impression they do make decisions in the public’s best interests, but I think Apple’s stances on privacy are self serving, it is their competitive differentiator.

You can say much the same thing about the corporate owned media in the United States. The press that existed at the time the first amendment was written is different than how how it exists today.

There is little to no concept of “public square” today because nearly motive is driven by profit and no where enough motive is driven by public good.